She’s Beginning To Remember!
Megan Howell


I felt such excitement as I woke up this morning! I felt the Lord saying “She’s beginning to remember”

There is such a stirring of the Spirit at the moment within the Church, as she begins to awake to her true identity. I feel there is a shaking coming, as if the Lord were shaking people out of their slumber and rousing them, stirring them up and causing them to RISE UP AND OUT OF BED!

I felt the Lord say ‘The time has come to rise up from the grave. Awake awake the Bridegroom is coming’

Be ready with your oil, be ready with your oil- the Lord is pouring out FRESH FIRE for readied lamps!! Fire that will consume but not burn!

Praise Him for the small breakthroughs you see this week, for this is just the beginning, it’s just the beginning- there will be an increase! Be faithful with the little and He will give you much!