Megan Howell


I heard the Lord say ‘Get ready- cause the wild ones are coming home!!’ And I saw an army of David’s riff raf men come in- these were wild eyed men and women, with passion and zeal for the Lord! These were warriors and worshippers from the wilderness! Fiercely loyal, but not to be tamed! I saw them come in droves into the churches! I felt the Lord say ’embrace their wild wisdom!’ And I saw that these ones would shake the church up- in a powerful and necessary way! I saw that they carried a knowledge and depth that they had learnt in the wilderness, a fresh revelation of God’s heart for unity, diversity and freedom! These were freedom fighters- who stood for justice. Their weapons were Love, humility and purity- such a wild wild purity of heart!
What makes them wild I asked?
And I felt God say ‘Love for life without fear of death- LOVE for life without fear of death!’
There is such power in this wildness- for they cannot be intimidated, yet they live for love, and love to live!

I heard the Lord say ‘Leaders- get ready- THE LOST BOYS ARE COMING HOME!’ And like Robin Hood, I saw that you will be given opportunities to raise them- to awaken them to their purpose and empower them in their wildness! These men and women will serve you with their lives if you handle them well! The Lord showed me their fearlessness, their willingness to lay down their lives for Him! If you will love them well, they will die for you too- because you represent their King!

WILD ONES- the bell has rung and IT’S TIME TO GET BACK HOME! God has prepared a place for you to be WILD AND FREE IN FAMILY! God is calling you into covenantal family relationships! I see the Lord breaking down two way walls of misunderstanding and offense- and a green field of acceptance open up! Green means GO!
I heard the Lord singing over you ‘Come let us be wild and free, come lets be a family!’ He so delights in you! Now is the time- if you’ve been thinking about finding a church family- NOW IS THE TIME!