Megan Howell

As I sat in worship, I heard the Lord singing:

“Let me move you now, up to higher ground,

Come let me move you, move you now!

No more Hans Solo, no more Lone Rangers,

The time has come to settle down in family!’

As I listened, I saw that the spirit of restlessness was being lifted off of people and the veil of offense was being torn!

Then the Lord sang in declaration:

‘There’s nothing to keep you on your own anymore!

The nomadic spirit is silenced,

The wondering Spirit has no more hold!

The spirit of Sonship is rising,

My Spirit will testify ‘Yes we are Home!

There is a grand homecoming,

A great awakening

Yes a grand homecoming!

No more fringe dwelling,

It’s homecoming, it’s homecoming!

No more outskirts,

It’s a wide embrace into family!

I saw that there are OPEN ARMS, OPEN ARMS, OPEN ARMS!

The Lord is opening the arms to the lost, the least, the lonely and rejected! The outcast the unusual and the estranged!

‘Be estranged no more!’ says the Lord ‘BE ESTRANGED NO MORE! The tribe is waiting, their is strength in the pack!’

I looked and then I saw a WHOLESALE ENVELOPING of the weak! Like a herd of gazelle who encircle the weakest ones, I saw a wholesale enveloping of the weak and burdened by the LOCAL CHURCH! There’s an uprising in the LOCAL church- an opening, a greater opening to the heart of the community- it’s a TWO WAY welcoming home- churches embracing communities afresh and communities embracing churches! It’s a GRAND HOMECOMING!
I saw a great divide being bridged and a gap in the fabric of society being sown together in love! I saw little hands and little feet bridging the gap- and children crossing the divide in fearless love! I saw a great awakening among the children to the reality of their ONENESS- a dawning revelation of the value of life- that ALL have value! From this revelation, these little ones were crossing enemy lines, generational prejudice and racism! I saw little hands holding together and multiethnic families being united! Churches were born in these places of heart connection! New churches birthed and old ones were breathing in new life again, as the outcasts were welcomed in by little children! I saw like a reverse pied piper where the little ones were playing their pipes and skipping into the churches with adults and whole family groups trailing behind them!

Jesus replied “Have you never read, “‘From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise’?” Matthew 21:16. I saw a contagious joy, a childlike wonder and a fresh revelation of God’s goodness settling over the Church as the praises of the children rose up! I saw these anthems, written by tiny hands, being sung across the globe- and a deep spirit of AWE resting over the people- as the Lord used the weak and lowly things of this world to confound the wise (1 Cor 1:27). I saw WONDER WONDER WONDER- Child like wonder restored to the Body, and SIGNS AND WONDERS that followed! Miracles and signs and wonders burst like popping candy- all over the place, like little burst hydrants! These signs and wonders were accompanied by FUN and LAUGHTER, and the JOY of the Lord! There was such a deep reverence for God, a joyful fear of the Lord that rested over the Church. I saw people of every generation rising up to dance declaring ‘The fear of the Lord has caused us to dance! The Joy of the Lord has caused us to rise!’

Get ready children’s workers, youth workers, leaders, church members- there’s a GRAND HOMECOMING! Get ready to embrace whole families! Different families, ‘difficult’ families, unusual families, nomadic families- who have come to find a nest! Will you be there place of rest?

Get ready to be wowed, cause there’s no stopping now!