Megan Howell


Then I saw a scene from Tim the tool man Taylor, and he was trying another DIY job- he always managed to stuff them up, and so his family banned him from doing DIY jobs again. So I asked, what are you saying Lord?
‘It’s time to put the tools down and allow me to fix, build and re-wire.’

Then the scene changed and Tim was talking to his neighbor- and I remember in the series you never saw his face. Again I asked what are you saying Lord?
“There has been a season where the true and full face of our neighbors has been hidden, we have not known them fully. But in this time I am unveiling the faces of those around us, that the body may see her neighbors in full. Putting her own strategies down, I am releasing heavenly strategies to reach the lost and least in our own backyards.”
I have felt for a while that the definition of missions (or at least our assumptions about missions) is shifting. Many of those with a heart for the lost will commissioned as missionaries in their own backyard.
I saw a large sweeping sprinkler- moving from left to right and back. I felt God say- “I am expanding the reach of local missions, and of backyard missions- I am raising up the homegrown missionaries. I am giving my people a heart for their homeland like never before. Hearts and eyes to see the lost and least- a heart cry for the poor and broken of their homeland.”

The tides have turned, and there is great favor in OUR land for the harvest! I saw a field lined with harvester tractors, in a line, moving forward as an army procession. Right now God is raising up an army of harvesters- those who know his heart and hear his voice, those who will go where he calls them even if it doesn’t make sense.
I saw a harvester doing a figure 8 in the field. I felt God say, I am connecting dreams and prophetic words in this age in a way unseen and unexpected. I am giving my people unexpected assignments and ‘impossible’ missions- I am bringing up wells in the dessert places.”

I felt God’s heart to release people into destiny but perhaps not in the way they expected. Many who have felt called for a long time to a certain area/country or field, at this time have been hearing a call somewhere else, somewhere unusual and wondered if it is God. They’ve wondered because it has felt like it doesn’t align with what they had thought or imagined before- but God is drawing connections with his promises in unexpected ways at this time. He is drawing figure 8’s in the fields of your dreams- drawing things together in unimaginable ways. Seek His face and follow his gaze- follow his voice and you will be surprised by his ability to draw all things together.