Megan Howell


One hundred years ago this year, 800 Australian men of the 4th and 12th Light Horse regiments charged across open the desert with bayonets in hand to capture Beersheba and open a way to Jerusalem. As we celebrated the 100-year anniversary of this significant historical event recently, I heard God say ‘I AM RAISING UP A SECOND BATTALION’.

As I asked what He meant, I saw a world map drawn in the red dirt. As I watched I saw the Lord drawing lines between nations- divine connections and destiny lines. I saw a significant line being drawn between the centre of Australia and Israel. I saw him drawing a figure 8 over Australia declaring ‘super abundance’. I was immediately reminded of the scriptures regarding the ‘non nations’ of the world evoking the Jewish people to jealousy.

Deut 32:21 & Rom 10:19- So I will make them jealous with those who are not a people; I will provoke them to anger by a nation without understanding.

Romans 11:13-15- I am speaking to you Gentiles. Inasmuch as I am an apostle to the Gentiles, I magnify my ministry, in the hope that I may provoke my own people to jealousy and save some. For if their rejection is the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?

I saw in these lines being drawn, that Australia has a vital role to play in the restoration and reconciliation of the Jewish people. There is a divine connection between our lands, a destiny line that cannot be broken- but that must evoke a response. Just as we did in the charge into Beersheba, the Lord is calling us as a Nation, to charge forward- to step into His superabundance, to embrace DIVINE STRATEGY, and be filled to overflowing. Not just for our benefit, but to see the nations blessed.

There is so much prophetic imagery for our nation in the story of the Light Horsemen- literally every detail of the event is pregnant with prophetic symbolism! I even felt God draw my attention to their name- the LIGHT horsemen- horsemen of LIGHT! As I sought the Lord about this, I saw a dark swirling mass, cloud and debris- it was chaos. Suddenly, I saw a shard of light come and pierce the darkness, dividing the cloud- it was like a sword- bringing order to the chaos.

I believe God is breathing life and speaking light into this significant season for our nation. He is bringing order to chaos, structure and purpose to that which seems out of hand. For the Light Horsemen in 1917, there had already been two failed attempts to take Gaza, and Beersheba was heavily protected with barbed wire, walls, 1000 Turkish riflemen, machine guns, German artillery and two aircraft. In every direction, the defending army had commanding lines of fire over open ground. And they also had the only water supply. Things seemed out of hand. And yet, there was an unusual strategy- a divine strategy released, that saw the battle turn! There are significant battles for family, life and purity being waged in our nation at this time. But God is releasing an unusual strategy, a divine strategy that will see the battle turn. With the same authority that spoke light into being and order into chaos- God is issuing a DIVINE INVITATION, to partner with His strategies, and to ‘RISE AS HORSEMEN OF LIGHT’.

Again I heard God say ‘I AM RAISING UP A SECOND BATTALION’- a battalion of Light Horsemen, HORSEMEN OF LIGHT, who will lead the charge, to release the wells and risk it all for Him.

This is a battalion marked by fierce loyalty and courage. These are the fearless ones- these are the ones who will keep charging and running forward despite the dangers and despite the odds- for they know they carry the banner of the King- they know they move in the authority of Christ and to the sound of His trumpet. These are the ones who will liberate the wellsprings of life, who will see a bursting out and a busting at the seams, bringing order to chaos, and light into the darkest places.

I have been seeing firey horses for months- but all of a sudden I saw them afresh- these were not just fire horses and firey troops, but HORSEMEN OF LIGHT. I saw a line of these fire horses charging forward- they were playing, leaping and bounding ahead of a large army. There was no trace of fear, only pure joy and delight upon their faces. Their forward progression was in childlike leaps and circles- they were dancing with their horses, they were moving as a company in celebration and joy! I felt God say ‘These are the troops who know the battle is won- and that it’s only a matter of redeeming what is already there’s!!’

A third time I heard the Lord say, “I AM RAISING UP A SECOND BATTALION”.

Recently, I read Psalm 110 and verse 3 leapt off the page

Your people will be your love offerings,

Like living sacrifices spilled out before you!

In the day of your mighty power you will be exalted,

And in the brightness of your holy ones, you will shine

As an army arising from the womb of the dawn,

Anointed with the dew of your youth!

THE DAWN HAS COME AND IT’S TIME TO RISE!! The Lord is raising up an army of shining ones. He is looking for the ones like the 300 men in Judges 7, who put their hands to their mouths to drink, refusing to take their eyes off of the horizon. The ones who are poised, ready- watching- responsive- even as they drink! The ones who will stand when everyone else is kneeling! Let us be those ones- that arise from the womb of the dawn! Let us be among their number- as ones, who lead the charge and embrace divine strategy- to release the wells and see the battle turn!

* Historical information gathered from https://www.australiagreatwar.com.au/blog/read/n/Beersheba’s-Biggest-Day-Yet.html