Megan Howell

The Lord woke me with these words ‘Welcome to the age of boxless living!’
In this hour, the Lord is breaking people out of their boxes- the walls of disappointment are falling down, fear and offense are fading away! Restriction is breaking off! The things that bound people before, no longer have a hold. A renewed sense of liberty is being felt, as ones who have been expected to ‘fit’ a certain mold their whole lives- are suddenly being given permission and freedom to fly! God is calling us and releasing us in all of our uniqueness. He is inviting, you to BE YOU and to ENJOY IT TOO!

I felt the Lord calling ‘Get out of the box and into the river!’ Get ready to be surprised, for
‘No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him’ 1 Cor 2:9! God is doing a brand new thing! And it is wonderful in His eyes!

I felt God saying ‘Embrace the eccentricity’. I didn’t actually know what that word meant so I looked it up- it means ‘odd, unusual or unexpected behavior’. Eccentricity is contrasted with ‘normal’ behavior, the nearly universal ways which individuals in society solve given problems and pursue certain priorities in everyday life… God is calling us to embrace a NEW way of solving problems, approaching situations and pursuing priorities in our lives!

The tides have turned! The seasons have changed! The Lord is pouring out his favor on diversity in unity like never before! He is smiling upon uniqueness! Uniqueness that does not come at the expense of Oneness! He’s calling us ‘OUT OF THE BOX AND INTO THE RIVER’.

I heard the Lord sing “I am releasing childlike wonder and elation- pure delight that will change the nation. I am calling ‘Won’t you come out and play? Won’t you come for a swim? Let me take you away!’ Get out of the box and into the river, get off of the shore and out where it’s deeper- throw all caution to the wind- because there’s nothing gonna stop this tide we’re in!

Be encouraged friends! Be bold beloved! BE YOU!

The world is waiting for you to be you!