Identity Papers
Megan Howell

There is a silencing and subduing of the wandering spirit at this time as God is drawing the prophets back into families, and drawing families together in unity. A deep and renewed sense of identity is being released such that will unite the divided body like never before. I saw IDENTITY released like a collection of papers, thrown over congregations and various church expressions.
Where Luthers nailed papers inadvertently divided- these ‘identity papers’ rooted and grounded in the revelation of intimacy and righteousness, will actually draw church expressions together. God is bringing a shift in focus at this time-drawing close ties and three fold cords- binding us together with one divine purpose- to see his kingdom come on earth! In this time the wounds that kept people or drove people to the fringes and outskirts, I saw, are being kissed by heaven, bringing deep healing and restoration. Prophets and mystics once driven from the fold, will return to a family, bringing a freshness and vitality to the body. Poets and song birds will sing once again, as the creative expressions of the Spirit of God are given permission and room to flow.

I felt God say he has reserved the best wine till last, that he is pouring out fresh wine and oil over the body of Christ not just for their enjoyment (although he wants us to enjoy him) but like the good Samaritan, these good gifts are to be poured out for the lost and broken. I have sensed for a while the re-purposing of God- not that he has changed our purpose, but more that he is realigning our understanding (corporately) of what we are to DO with our identity. The identity tiles he is placing out at this time and laying down in our path are FOR A PURPOSE- to reach the lost least and lonely in our midst, to shine in the darkness and to be a light in this dark and perverse generation. Now is a time of internal and eternal realignment- as we realign our vision with the purposes of heaven we will see a great awakening in the bride.