Megan Howell


This morning I heard a loud declaration ‘There’s relief in your belief, THERE’S RELIEF IN YOUR BELIEF!’

I had a vision I had had a few days ago, and in the vision I was sitting on a high ledge of a mountain, looking down over a valley. Jesus sat beside me and there was a battle down below in the valley. ‘What are they fighting about?’ I asked

‘This is the battle for your mind.’ Jesus replied. I could see this was an epic battle. But Jesus didn’t seem concerned at all.

‘Who’s winning?’ I asked

Jesus smiled ‘Well, you are up here, and they are down there!’

Suddenly the vision zoomed in, and I looked and saw that the enemy troops were fighting themselves- and swatting the air. The enemy was actually fighting himself in a loosing battle.

I looked back at Jesus. ‘See, the enemy doesn’t know you as I do’ He said, and I believed Him. I felt instant relief, as I allowed myself to see the battle from his perspective, and to believe that Jesus knew me better than the enemy.

I felt God issue an invitation for you this morning, to come discover the relief of belief! Belief in His goodness, belief in His intimate knowledge of you, and belief in His capacity to help you LIVE ABOVE THE BATTLE! God is inviting you to, ‘COME LIVE FROM MY ANGLE!’

This is not living in denial of the battle, or ‘ignoring’ the lies and assault of the enemy- but REMEMBERING where you are seated, and whose mind it is you have! For God has raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms (Eph 2:6) and has given us the mind of Christ (1 Cor 2:16)! If you believe that your mind is vulnerable to the flies (fears and lies) of the enemy- you’ll struggle. But if you REMEMBER that you have been given the MIND OF CHRIST, not a spirit of fear but of courage and a RIGHT MIND (2 Tim 1:7), you will stand! AND HAVING STOOD YOU WILL STAND!


I’ve been reading through the Old Testament, studying the songs of the Bible (I like songs). Many of these songs were written to help the people REMEMBER the good and miraculous works of the Lord. I began to notice a pattern: when the people forgot, fear over took them, and they lost faith. But when they remembered, their courage was restored, and faith rose! I believe we have the same opportunity today! We can live in forgetfulness- forgetting, or simply failing to FEEL the weight of what Christ has done in and through and for us. OR we can bring to REMEMBERANCE the goodness of the Lord! We can allow ourselves to go there- and feel from the depths of our being the JOY of having his presence IN us! The peace that he purchased for us! The gratitude that wells up, as we REMEMBER all that He has done!

We will remember your love, rejoicing and delighting in you, celebrating your every kiss as better than wine. No wonder righteousness adores you! Song of Solomon 1:4

So let us BRING TO REMEMBERANCE his love, and rejoice in his goodness! I see him wrapping his banner of love around you as you remember, I see him embracing you afresh, and wooing you to greater heights, and deeper depths!

He has brought me into his banquet hall, and his banner over me is love! Song of Solomon 2:4

I was praying for a friend this week, and this beautiful little song came out- may you feel the sweet arms of the Father as I did when I sang it!


Living in the banner of his name,

Free from condemnation and from shame.

In His healing arms I know I’m safe,

I am covered by the banner of His name.

Living in the banner of his love,

Righteous now I stand in Jesus blood,

To the Father, now I freely come,

For I am, living in the banner of His love.

Your love, brings life Lord,

Your love brings health,

Your word brings life to my soul!

Your love brings life Lord

Your love brings hope,

Your love brings life to my soul.

Megan Howell

Sing Songbird Ministries