Megan Howell
Sing Songbird Ministries


For weeks I’ve had the song ‘Spring up O well’ on repeat in my mind. This morning I woke up early with this song again, and the Lord began to speak to me.

The Lord showed me that He is stirring up gifts that have laid dormant in this season. Those with gifts that’s have laid dormant for months, or even years- the Lord is unblocking the well and causing it to rise and spring up! He is calling you to rise and causing the wellsprings within you to burst forth!

I saw this was particularly true for those with a prophetic gift that once prophesied, but have not for many years. And I saw fresh clean pure water, pure water being poured out from within. I heard the Lord say ‘From the wellspring of the heart your mouth will speak!’ God has been irrigating your hearts, stretching your hearts, even in dormancy, and now IT IS TIME! The dam walls are about to break- THE DAM WALLS ARE ABOUT TO BLOW SO THE GIFT CAN FLOW, SO THE GIFT WILL FLOW!

I saw painters beginning to paint again and dancers beginning to dance again, and singers singing spontaneous songs again and writers writing! The Lord is UNLEASHING a WAVE OF CREATIVITY, a wave of creativity- and it has His name all over it! This ancient well, this ancient well- is bursting forth! I saw ancient doors opening- and once dormant songs rising up unexpectedly in the night. The singers will wake up with new songs on their lips and new lyrics in their mouths- in the night hours! With a new taste, a new flavor, a new genre even! A NEW GENRE of music is being birthed in this hour, and it’s so of the Lord, it’s so of the Lord! So be creative, BE CREATIVE and let the river flow UNHINDERED!!

I saw God correcting dyslexia- bringing realignment between the eyes and the mind, so that those who had struggled with dyslexia can read and write with EASE! “It’s easy it’s easy” you’ll declare- and begin to write that which you have always dreamed of writing- that which you had always dreamed to write. And your writings will see a wave of healing flow out over others with the same condition, and those with learning difficulties!

Yes I saw God healing learning difficulties- and brining an ease to your work, an ease to your pen, an ease to your learning!! And you will testify! I saw many who had discredited themselves from ever going to University but had always wanted to, stand up in gowns on graduation day- testifying to the goodness of God! I saw some of you go on and become surgeons and doctors and engineers, and teachers and professors and lawyers- taking those jobs you had always wanted but were told you couldn’t do or believed you couldn’t do! ‘BEGIN TO DREAM’, I heard the Lord say, ‘DREAM IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS, dream impossible dreams!

I saw the Lord healing colour blindness and eye conditions that had hindered people who had dreamed of flying- I saw a new wave of pilots rising up and they were singing THE LORD HAS HEALED MY EYES TO FLY!’ There were many of you!

‘If you want it you can have it!’ says the Lord. ‘There is nothing that can hinder your dreams- what ever had disqualified you, I will heal I will heal in this hour!’ So take hold, take hold, TAKE HOLD- the Lord is inviting you to TAKE HOLD of what you need to meet the dream- take what you need to meet the dreams! New tendons? Take it! New lungs- take it! New inspiration- take it! The Lord is so so kind- He is fulfilling dormant dreams in this hour- He is stirring dormant dreams so He can fulfill them in THIS hour! He is releasing keys to fulfilling dreams!

I saw God busting of the walls of disappointment and flooding hearts with a wave of courage, a wave of creativity and a wave of FAITH! Faith to TAKE HOLD of all you need, to fulfill dormant dreams! Let faith arise!

Swing wide you ancient gates,

For the Lord He reigns, for the Lord he reigns!

Swing wide you ancient gates,

For the Lord He reigns, the Lord he reigns!