Megan Howell


The past few days I have heard the Lord singing ‘Come soar like a bird, come fly like a plane, come rise from the storm and walk on the waves!’. I saw Him sing this song into the body of Christ as an invitation to fearlessness- like a life into our veins! The Lord is stirring us up and willing us into fearless faith in this hour!

Later in worship I saw a large cliff face and suddenly I was teetering on the edge. My insides clenched and I literally gasped. Then all of a sudden from behind me I heard the words ‘AN EAGLE DOESN’T FEAR A CLIFF’ and I heard an eagles cry and a rush of wind as a bird flew straight past me and off the cliff. Then in the vision I was standing at the bottom of a great mountain- I looked up and fear and dread filled my body, as I shrank at the sight. Again I heard from behind me ‘AN EAGLE DOESN’T FEAR A MOUNTAIN’. I was beginning to catch on! An eagle has no cause for fear when confronted with a cliff or a mountain, because it’s natural for an eagle to fly! And Flying (catching the wind and rising above- an image of living in fearless faith) comes naturally to those in Christ too!
At this time, God is looking for those who will take the risk and soar with Him! He’s looking for ones who will take the plunge- despite the risk, and go ALL IN!
Friends this is not a time for playing it safe- it’s not a time for holding back- it’s ALL IN or not in!

I feel like this week and month in particular God has been and is continuing to present wild and audacious opportunities- unexpected hands if you will! And in the natural it feels risky- but you know in your spirit it is of God. DON’T HOLD BACK- Go all in- this is a winning hand! Yes seek wise counsel, yes test what you hear- but DON’T LET CAUTION STEAL YOUR PORTION!

I hear the Lord saying ‘DREAM NOT DREAD, dream not dread!’ Now is the time for setting your sights higher- for letting dreams take the place of dreads! This is a time for remembering WHO YOU ARE- you’re a WARRIOR AND NOT A WORRIER!

There’s no fear of falling if you know you can fly! There’s no fear of failing if you know that you’ve died! There’s no fear of losing if you’ve already won, and there’s no fear of missing if it’s already done!

God is singing over us ‘Do not fear or dread, for your God He is not dead! It is well within my power, to use you in this hour!

Finally, the Lord laid Luke 1:37-38 on my heart ‘Not one promise from God is empty of power, for nothing is impossible with God!’

So when these cliff face opportunities come- May we respond like Mary, who knew nothing of how her promise would come about! Who when faced with ridiculous impossibilities, danger and discomfort- simply said ‘May everything you have told me come to pass!’ (Luke 1:38 TPT)