Nate and Christy Johnston


We are in a season of rapid change and reformation in the body of Christ and there are specific agents God is using to bring us into the fresh and new move of the Spirit.

As we entered into the Hebrew year 5778 the Lord told me it would be a year for the pioneers to emerge, but then I saw a vision of warriors at the forefront of a battle with a crazy look in their eyes storming the enemies camp.

Much like the Nordic warriors called “Berzerkers” who were the passionate, radical, and fearless ones that would rush to the front line and instil fear into the enemy, I saw that this would be a season of such rapid advancement, taking down every obstacle in the way of the body of Christ including strongholds of religion, legalism, and disunity, as well as ushering in a season of innovation and unseen exploits.


As I was pressing into the Lord over this I found that there is a modern Hebrew word for pioneer which is “Chalutz” which also means “forward, pathfinder, striker, and one who goes first in a great venture”. I found that in Biblical Hebrew this same word means “one equipped for war, one that is armed, warrior, rescuer, and deliverer”.

In the original text of Numbers 32:20-22 this word is found twice but translated as a “shock fighter!”

Moses said to them, “If you do this, if you go to battle as shock-troops, at the instance of the LORD, and every shock-fighter among you crosses the Jordan, at the instance of the LORD, until He has dispossessed His enemies before Him,and the land has been subdued, at the instance of the LORD, and then you return you shall be clear before the LORD and before Israel; and this land shall be your holding under the LORD”

Pioneers are shock fighters that will “cross over” into new territory, and SHOCK and dispossess the kingdoms of darkness in their wake!


Recently we took our family to Washington DC be part of the Awaken the Dawn and Rise Up events as we felt called to join the prayers of America on behalf of the nation of Australia. On the Sunday of the event we happened to bump into Lou Engle from The Call as we were turning a corner and upon hearing we were Australians began prophesying and sharing the significance of Australians being at the event and the synergy of our nations in this time in history. He then mentioned the Australian Light-horsemen at the battle of Beersheba.

That afternoon I looked up what he briefly shared and my spirit leapt. On the 31st of October 1917, 800 Australian and New Zealander mounted cavalry stormed the city of Beersheba as one against the Turkish and against all odds took back the city of Beersheba, freeing the Jews from exactly 400 years of captivity and altering the course of the war!

In the same way the Lord spoke to me that just as exactly 100 years ago this charge was made by these pioneers, so was another charge being called from heaven. A charge of pioneers that would break forth and change history!


Many have sensed the urgency of the hour and have taken up the call to pray, press in, and pierce the sky to see heaven invade earth and the church enter her season of her greatest glory. There is such a shift that has come upon the church and pioneers are coming forth with a reformational and innovative anointing to break hard ground, and see outside of the box, paving the way for the church to enter her promise.

In Hosea 10:12 it says

“Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the Lord, till he come and rain righteousness upon you”

The call of the pioneer is not only to “bring forth” the new, leading the way, but to “break forth” and break the hard ground and shatter the old molds, old and redundant methods, and bring health and life to the body. There is a call of justice that has arisen to see injustices exposed and overturned, and for the church to have influence again in places it hasn’t in the past.

We are going to see the hardest areas suddenly become epicentres for harvest. We are going to see the places they called impossible become the places of so much fruit. As the ground is broken, seeds are able to be planted, and destiny is awoken.


While we were in New York City recently i had a vision of a well that was being uncapped. It was a well that was hidden and covered over and then an angel dusted it off and a fresh stream of water was revealed that was in it.

I asked the Lord what this well was and He said it was the well of creativity that would lead to revival. There is an outbreak of creativity that is coming upon the church where the enemy has tried to stifle and muzzle the creatives and the messengers of God with religion and legalism. The pioneers are being released to uncap these hidden wells which will unleash a permission for those who have been dormant to tap into the fresh waters of creativity they possess inside of them.

This creativity will birth a new sound and a new wave that will be a catalyst for revival in the earth!


There are pioneers reading this that God is stirring even right now. He is awakening you to embrace your calling where in the past you have cast it to the wayside in fear. He is asking you to step back into your mantle and calling as a pioneer in the earth and in doing so you will tap into the untold story of your destiny God has wanted you to live out.

I pray today that you would say yes to the call to be his front liner, shock fighter, and forerunner in the earth, disspossessing principalities and kingdoms, and releasing a fresh sound into the earth, in Jesus name!