Nate Johnston


For the past few weeks I have felt an uneasy tension I haven’t been able to articulate until last night when I had a simple dream that I believe reveals what I have been sensing. In addition to what I have been sensing I have been having frequent warfare dreams and the feeling like I was pressing into something.

In this dream I was standing on a mountain peak holding on to a large rope trying to pull it over the other side of the mountain with me. On the other side of the rope were many people trying to pull me back down the mountain from where I came. Their voices were so loud and yet I couldn’t stop staring at the sunrise rising over the horizon that was pouring light over the new land I was about to move into.

The next morning the Lord told me that the dream was a prophetic picture of where many were at right now, so I want to break down the meaning as I believe it may help you understand what you have been walking through and possibly sensing yourself.

The Lord showed me that the people on the other side of the rope were assassins sent to pull you back. They have one purpose, to distract, sabotage, and weaken you as you move ahead. They have many names but can be old ways and habits of the past, shame and condemnation, resurfacing and undealt with trauma, voices of doubt and fear, rejection and old wounds, and past disappointments and failures.

These assassins increase in volume just as you reach a new height, enter a new favor, or experience breakthrough or upgrade in any way. Their chatter and voices attempt to drown out the voice of the Lord and weaken your grip, but this is not a time to be distracted. Keep your eyes ahead, keep your grip on your promises tight, and allow the Holy Spirit access to sever any access these assassins have to your heart.

In the dream I was standing on the peak of a mountain like I had conquered it and was about to walk down the other side into something fresh and new. It was clear the huge mountain I once faced and was an obstacle was now under my feet and I was moving forward into new territory.

Nothing you have gone through, the opposition and endless battles have been in vain because under your feet is the top of that once intimidating obstruction. You may just not realise it yet.

I heard the Lord say “you are at the tipping point”, which is the point where it all changes. Imagine a rollercoaster climbing up a steep inclined track getting ready to plummet down the other side, but before it does it sits for a moment at a tipping point where the weight is equally balanced between its back to its front from where it is then able to roll forward.

That’s where many are right now, in a place called “the tension of destiny” where more than ever before we need to be pushing forward and not allowing the destiny assassins to pull you backwards in doubt and disbelief.

I feel the urgency on this particularly as we are at the end of the 6th month of 2017 that as we are in the “tipping point” of the year so to speak that it’s crucial we press into heaven and see Gods intentions come to pass, and not be robbed from us. You will begin to see the dreams of your heart pick up speed and momentum over the next few months as you push push push and don’t give the enemy an inch.

What you have been carrying is about to be birthed and it will all be worth it!

God began to speak to me about the significance of the rope in the dream as being a symbol of advancement and extending of your borders. In Isaiah 54:17 it says;

“Enlarge the place of your tent; Stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, spare not; Lengthen your cords And strengthen your pegs”

Lengthen your cords! God is adding to you, increasing you, and opening up new territory for you to possess!

The strategy this season is in your altitude. Stay high above the issues of life and don’t resort to running down into the trenches to do things in your own strength. Stay in the secret place where the air is clear, and all you can hear is the sweet sound of the Fathers voice cheering you on.

I pray a renewed strength, joy, and excitement over those this dream was speaking to. I pray that you would shake off the lies of the distracting voices, keep your eyes on the prize and move into the place promised you in Jesus name!