Nate Johnston

The word the Lord has shown me for May is “UNEXPECTED” and He began to reveal to me that this will be a month of unanticipated, unforeseen, and unplanned birthing of Gods goodness in your life and the promises He has given you.

Many people have been in a season the enemy has assailed them with distraction to get their eyes off their promises. It’s been a season of warring and contending, facing opposition, destiny assassination, and passion theft. Because of this I’ve been seeing many bewildered and totally oblivious of what Is about to be revealed through them. This baby is about to come and just because you can’t feel the kicking like you used to doesn’t mean it’s still not alive and growing within you.

I was led to the story of heavily pregnant Mary (carrying promise) and Joseph when they were on their journey(transition) to Bethlehem. They arrived and scripture says “WHILE THEY WERE THERE” Mary went into labour. It was a SUDDENLY moment for their awaited promise.

What the Lord highlighted to me was that the meaning of the name “Bethlehem” is “House of battle”. Why would God destine for Jesus to be born in a stable, in a feeding trough, in a foreign city that means “house of battle”? I believe this is prophetic of the mandate upon His life to reach the lowest, the unreachable, the forgotten, broken, the messy, and outcasted, but it carries a message for you and I in this season too.

I feel the Lord is saying that the destined and pre-ordained birthing location of your awaited promises is not coming when you have all your ducks in a row, when you have it all together, when the seas and calmed, when you are ready or prepared, or even expecting them to come to pass. Instead God has chosen in the middle of your battle, in the mess of conflict for them to be revealed!

I woke up three times in the night last night to the loud and unmistakable sound of a baby crying. My natural reaction in a half asleep state was was go to our girls and see if it was them, which of course it wasn’t. But then again I would hear it like it was next to my ear and I would look through the house in a bewildered state. By the third time I properly woke up and asked the Lord what He was trying to say to me and I heard “unexpected birth!”

I believe many of you reading this are in birthing time but many of you can’t even see it or feel it. The transition and battle has been so great that maybe you have lost sight of those dreams and seeds that have been maturing inside of you.

I prophesy that May will be a month of the unexpected. Unexpected doors of His goodness and favor swinging open wide for you, unexpected turnarounds of difficult circumstances, an unexpected flood of resources to move you forward, and an unexpected acceleration into your destiny in Jesus name!