Nate Johnston


On the 10th of October, we were In Washington D.C when I had a dream where the Lord said to me “Prophesy HARVEST, and blow the trumpet of JUBILEE!” This really grabbed my attention because prior to flying over to the United States only a week earlier God began speaking to us about the billion soul harvest prophesied by Bob Jones years ago. We both had a strong sensing that the church was crossing over into a time of harvest that would be unlike any other time in history, and as we entered the new Jewish year of 5778 it would be the beginning of the harvest of all harvests. These two keywords have continued to ring loud and clear in my spirit for 2018 and I pray these following words encourage you to grab hold of the breakthrough available in this exciting time in the body of Christ!


– Harvest “The time or season of gathering the fruit of what has been planted”

Prior to this dream on the 10th, we had arrived in LA to see friends and attended a harvest festival. All day long Christy and I kept seeing 911 everywhere and knew it was a call to prayer. That afternoon, as we were praying Christy, felt to pray “Nothing will rob the coming harvest! Hands off Satan!”. Within hours on that day, we heard about the horrible terrorist act that took place at a harvest festival only 5 hours away on the Las Vegas Strip. We were upset and perplexed because we had been praying all afternoon to this strong sense in our spirits. One thing was obvious, this was a sign that the enemy was after the harvest!

Since then we have felt to pray over our nation, the nations, and individuals that the harvest will not be stolen. This is a time of harvest and the revealing of the fruit of what God has planted long ago. This is a season of breakthrough and manifestation!


What does this harvest mean for the body of Christ? I see the bride of Christ looking more like Jesus, rising from the ashes of religion and breaking free from orphan and slavery mindsets into her blood purchased identity as sons and daughters of God. I see the body of Christ coming out of being milk drinking babes into meat eating chasers of God. I see this is is a season of rapid growth and a quickening in the hearts of Gods people to increase in our understanding of who we are. There is a MATURITY and PURITY that has been released from heaven over the church, burning away the chaff and the man-made idols and empires that have stolen our gaze from beholding Him. I see a bride rising up that is fully grown into their destiny in Jesus, who are awakened to the reality of “CHRIST IN US” and the righteousness we live from. It is a true Jesus awakening and movement that is unshackling the church from dual covenant theology and embracing the power and simplicity of the gospel that champions both truth and love.


We are transitioning from a Christian club to being a family. There is a real Malachi 4:6 anointing that is turning the people of God into the FAMILY of God, where we step beyond the theory of honour into revelation and application that creates unity and tears down walls that were constructed by the enemy to keep us from the blessing and power that results from it. Harvest is the fruit of unity and we are in the beginning stages of seeing divides crumble at our feet as we link arms with others and casting down our disunifying brands at the foot of the cross.

There will be more cross-pollination within the body of Christ, leaders aligning with other leaders, networks working with other networks, all coming together under the banner of Jesus and seeing His name famous in the earth. We will be known for our love, and we will be known for our love for each other.


God is calling forth the disciplers in this season, the prophets and teachers who will raise up a generation to live in powerful relationship and in power and outworking of the kingdom inside them. Mothers and fathers who left their post have been coming back in droves, healed of past failures and restored to equip and parent an army of children of God. There will be a unique partnership between the evangelists and prophets in 2018 that will release a double whammy and cast the net wider, while the apostolic fathers and mothers will create safety and protection for those that go out to bring in the harvest.

Sent ones are being prepared. Their feet are hot with the fires of heaven and their tongues and sharp yet compassionate, wielding the sickle of the harvest with the fiery love of the Father they are being fashioned as arrows to be fired into different nations and regions throughout the earth. 2018 will be known as a year of such exponential harvest!


I see social media platforms erupting with a harvest of souls unlike any other time in history. New social apps and programs will be introduced that will create new pathways to engage with those who would never come into a church or hear about Jesus any other way. God has given us the opportunity to take back the airways from the grasp of the enemy and God will release new strategies to fully occupy the spheres we have been given.

Ministries have been in a time of recalibration for the harvest as God has been shifting the focus for many to how to disciple and equip, raise up and send, as well as ways to reach outside of the walls of the church. This has involved major infrastructure changes and ministers of the gospel allowing the Lord to reinvent the wheel for them. Many that used to operate and function in one way will be adapting to another. God is multiplying the fruit in churches and ministries, utilising methods and strategies that create more outcome with less. Smarter not harder says the Lord but your fruit will be multiplied and your reach will be farther.


– Jubilee- A season of celebration, emancipation, and restoration

There is a sound that has been released in the heavens that the creatives have caught in 2017 to be released to earth. It the sound of Jubilee, the soundtrack of harvest. Recently I had a dream I was singing a phrase over and over that was prophesying over the body of Christ and the Lord said to me in the dream “Write the war songs for the harvest!” and I knew he was referring to the creatives that would write the songs that would be counter-culture and declare the truth of our identity in Christ and the glorious purpose we are alive for. These creatives will not just create but in 2018 we will see create-innovators emerge that will bring forth the NEW THING. They will be innovators, those that produce and manifest what they have received from the heart of God that will refresh the body of Christ, ignite revival and renewal, and recruit many other creatives that have been sitting on the sidelines back into their destiny. The sound is the sound of Jubilee that is releasing the captives from slavery, calling the lost and outcasted home, restoring what was lost and stolen, announcing a great recompense, and ushering in aligning of the hearts of the children of God back to the Father.

On the 5th of October, we stood on the steps of the Supreme Court and prayed over for LIFE over the unborn in the nations. At the end of the prayer, our eldest daughter Charlotte blew a shofar as a prophetic act of the SHIFT that was coming to abortion in the earth. Jubilee in Hebrew actually means “rams horn, trumpet” and so without knowing it, we were, in fact, doing what God spoke in my dream only 5 days later! In addition to that, that night we witnessed a harvest moon that lit up the night sky!

More and more we will see Justice carriers arise with the Fathers’ heart to sound the horn of jubilee and see the values of heaven SHIFT the values of the earth.


Recently we were in worship when we both felt strongly we were meant to pray for families. Some serious intercession began after not very long and then unexpectedly I had a very confronting vision of a demonic spirit that has come against family lines by opposing their mandate and doing anything to get them to veer off course, which has created so much heartache and pain for many generations in families all over the world. This demonic assignment has been the sole cause for cyclic dysfunction, marital chaos and division, control and narcissism, perversion, and addiction and abuse in countless families to rob the billion soul harvest the enemy knew was coming!

I saw how it had been operating to create messes that only perpetuated and got worse in every generation. Then the Lord said simply “RESTORE!” so we began to prophesy. Then the Lord said “Claim the blood” so we began covering families in the blood in our prayer and I saw people beginning to break free as the enemy was reminded of Jesus’ claim to them through the blood.

2018 is a significant marker season of the restoration of the family. We are stepping into a season of serious, heavy-duty restoration over the family unit and the family of God, where God is reinstating the value for family. When harvest comes, it won’t be an organisation or institution that will be able to manage or sustain the flood of people coming into the kingdom, it will take the family of God. God is getting his family ready!

To those who God has been leading out of generational bondage into pioneering health for your family, know that all the warfare is worth it for the glorious inheritance you are now beginning to discover, the freedom, the joy, and the uncapped purpose you are stepping into. For those who still find themselves in the mess and disarray of a marriage breakdown, relational crisis, and family separation, I hear the sound of Jubilee sounding over you, 2018 is the year you see reconciliation and recompense in Jesus name! The enemy thought he had you stuck and imprisoned because your family line told a story of pain, sorrow, and such immense darkness you wouldn’t be able to break free from, but watch the day of the deliverance of the Lord!


I feel in my very bones a deep rumbling of the destiny of God over the nations in 2018. God is using the great shaking in nations as part of his redemption plan to draw them back to himself. This year is Israel’s 70 year anniversary of becoming a nation and jubilee and there is a convergence that is upon us of the alignment of nations.

It’s time for the body of Christ to prophesy harvest when there has been famine, and to blow the trumpet of jubilee that calls all lost things back home and into order. Just as the dream I received was on the 10th of the 10th, the invitation from heaven is John 10:10;

“A thief has only one thing in mind—he wants to steal, slaughter, and destroy. But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect, life in its fullness until you overflow!”

As you cross over into 2018, prophesy harvest and Jubilee both personally and corporately, that this year would be one not of vain resolutions but of heavens promises and solutions revealed!