I woke up this morning hearing “Eureka!”and then I saw a vision of doors swinging open to treasure houses which were the treasure houses the Father planted in each of us that has been undiscovered.

Eureka means “cry of joy or satisfaction when one finds or discovers something new and valuable, and includes an idea or invention” but it also has a connotation with the gold rushes of Australia and the USA, and namely the town of Eureka CA known as a principal gold mining location in the 1800’s.

The word Eureka was actually coined by Archimedes when he hit upon a method of determining the purity of gold.

I believe God is mining the hearts of Gods people right now and unearthing the gold, the new, the innovative and creative, the previously undiscovered wealth hidden in YOU that is needed in the earth right now.

There is a purity that is coming forth as he excavates the depths of your heart, removes the impurities and brings forth the GOLD!

I call it Forth in the name of Jesus, let it be revealed, let it be made known!! #eureka #goldrush