Nick Watson

God has been speaking to me about runners being released in two ways.

Firstly, it refers to growth and possession of your inheritance like garden runners that overflow an area of ground.

It is time to actively believe for the prophecy to Joseph in Genesis 49:22; the promise to Joshua in Joshua 1:3,5-6. and the Holy Spirit increase granted to Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4:10.

God is saying that as you speak, seek and sow towards growth in your life and ministry, your steps of faith and love will be rewarded. Great growth in resources and results will be released and every obstacle and giant overcome and every frustration turned to fulfillment.

Secondly, runners being released refers to people experiencing next level anointings according to Isaiah 40:31. This is for those who develop intimacy with God, who entwine their lives with His, exchanging their weaknesses for His strengths, saying and living as Paul did in Galatians 2:20.

Those who have been walking will be anointed to run. They will be empowered as Jeremiah was challenged to run with the cavalry. Their progression in destiny and goal achievement will be accelerated.

Those who have been running their race will receive a new supernatural endowment of the Spirit imparting abilities they did not have before, enabling them to run as if they were the cavalry, as Elijah did.

For those who succeed at their next level a further supernatural anointing will be given to them to fly. They will see in the Spirit like never before. This anointing includes financial provision and protection to literally go wherever the Lord leads them.

Many will hear the call to go to a person or place or group. God will empower them naturally and Supernaturally to complete their assignments. Intercessors will go out from the prayer closet into the marketplace and be as angels of God and Ambassadors of The King to people and bring change to difficult situations.

A special supernatural anointing is coming upon those who will do the work of evangelism, those who will run with the Gospel, with the Love, Truth and Power of God.

A mighty healing, wholeness, signs and wonders harvest is rising in Australia, which will be known both as the Great Southland of Holy Spirit and as the Land under the Cross. What the Southern Cross has been declaring prophetically over this nation has come to its kairos time and this generation will see it and do it. (Psalm 102:12-22).

Those who involve themselves in Good Samaritan ministry, not only on signs and wonders ministry, will be rewarded with the resources of the Good Samaritan, namely, success, prosperity, oil, wine, money and transport.

Before Jesus comes again literally millions of Australians will be swept into the Kingdom.

Every Blessing, Nick

The SHALOM peace, power, protection and provision of God be upon you and yours, in Jesus’ Name Amen.