Year of surprises – Once again God will draw a distinction, as between Israel and Egypt. For the people of God there will be good experiences. For those who are opposing the true and living God there will be supernatural seismic shifts. As the Word declares, God’s kingdom and church will prevail. Where sin abounds there will be greater grace; Where darkness encroaches there will be greater glory. There will be refreshing from the presence of the Lord.

Year of suddenlies – The long-term purposes and promises of God will come to birth. Despite the birth pangs, there shall be joy and increase in the Family of God.

Year of struggles coming to an end – People who have been wrestling opposition and adversity will find like in a tug-of-war, the enemy suddenly yields and progress and victory are experienced. Those whose faith has been stretched almost to breaking point will be given greater blessing because they have been stretched to greater capacity.

Year of stretching – It is time for greater faith risks, and greater love investments, in words and deeds and finances. Just as Moses stretched forth his hand to produce victory, and just as the man in the temple stretched forth his hand for a miracle, so the Lord will partner with His people who put their faith and love on the line for Him and great will be the outbreak of the Kingdom and more fruit of faith will be manifest.

Year of supernatural increase – This will be a season of the MUCH MORE of Heaven. Where praying and poor and persecuted people have known the Lord as Jehovah Jireh, the Spirit will reveal Him as EL SHADDAI, the All-Mighty God to Whom nothing and no-one is impossible and the God of more than enough, the God of the overflowing cup, the God of multiplication. This is a time of the reward of the faithful and the faith-full. Those who have stewarded well what they have, as unto the Lord, with right hearts, will come into greater fruitfulness and kingdom promotion.