A timely word for Christ’s church
Nuno Marques

In the news a couple of days ago, there was an article that I read that has been burdening me for 2 days & I can’t seem to shake it off. I read news articles all the time to stay in touch with National & world events. But this one seemed to stand out the most. It kept coming to mind, it kept popping up in news feeds and it was heavy.

The Story:
In Christchurch, NZ, there was a couple in an office that were caught on video having an affair. The people across the street at a bar saw what was happening and began to take photos and videos and it went viral. The band that was in the bar stopped playing their music as everyone went outside to see what was going on. This couple were in an office building, at night, behind tinted windows thinking no one would see them but the lights were on inside and the tint was to no effect.

After 2 days of this news article popping up, the Lord spoke to me about this. I sensed He said to me:
“In the office of CHRIST’S CHURCH there are worldly affairs presently happening. It may be marital affairs or it may be that my Church has taken on worldly affirs in My name. The “TINT” that they hide behind will be to no affect because my light is shining in that darkness and it will be exposed to the outside. The MUSIC will stop and people on the outside will watch & see this intimate affair with worldly things which I dislike. There will be a grace period for CHRIST’S CHURCH to come clean of these affairs and turn from their ways. After this period, the lights will go on and the TINT you hide behind will no longer be effective. My ways are not the worlds ways. It’s been a subtle thing for too long and I desire My Kingdom principles to be established and not the ways of this world.”