Curtain Call
Isi De Gersigny, Sydney Australia

A saw the heavy curtain that was torn from top from to bottom in the temple as the work of a red tide that was moving heaven down. This red tide divided the fabric into 2, revealing one truth – that of invitation into Jesus Christ the Lord. The power of this tide came from Jesus’ own blood – a revelation that so ingrained itself into believers with power, that evangelism received a brand new name.

I felt the Spirit saying that Invitation was gaining momentum and that those who had perceived themselves so very far from God would be brought near not by coercion or fear, but by the pure power of Christ’s love in action, drawing them through the curtain of exclusion, into the inclusion and centre of His entire life. This invitation took the shape of different cultures and languages but they all had the common thread of fearless proclamation of the truth of all that Jesus had accomplished.

New believers would be marked by a distinct lack of separation anxiety, the kind that comes from a belief system of performance or works and yet they exemplified the energy that Paul speaks of when referring to the Spirit working so powerfully in him. This same Spirit had the appearance of a Red Tide that was filling people until the invitation spilled to others and the infectious love of God was being spread at a rapidity that was unlike any previous time in history.

The bride is experiencing a curtain call – and about the time that the body of Christ at large reckons itself so apart from the ‘world audience’ or that we feel as though perhaps ‘the show is almost over’ – is about the time that the applause of heaven calls us to centre stage for a grand finale which will involve the invitation of the entire audience. The greatest outpouring of love will spill into every arena of life, public or private, whether in person or on mass. Our beloved is holding the other end of the tide to draw us in, to draw us through and then to spill us back again. For Loves sake.