~~~~~ 2015 ARISE & SHINE America & Australia ~~~~~

I think we can all agree that we are on the doorstep of something incredible happening in this nation and the nations of the earth. The prophets are prophesying, the dreamers are dreaming, the seer’s are seeing and they all point to one thing … Revival is imminent! I believe like many others that we are in a season of Outpouring that will bring reformation and transformation to cities, regions, and nations.

Five Angels and the Flaming Boomerang

Several years ago upon flying into Melbourne, Australia, I had a prolific encounter that in part is still unfolding today. As the airplane was touching down on the runway, five angels immediately appeared to me on the plane each holding five scrolls and five coins dated with the year 1849. One of angels spoke to me and said, “Jeff, the Lord is getting ready to exchange the gold of heaven for the gold of Australia.” As I was pondering what this meant, the Lord spoke again and said, “Jeff, I’m going to light my boomerang and it will go all throughout Australia starting in Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and it will exit the north gate of Brisbane and all of Australia will be ablaze in revival. My flaming boomerang will go into Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia and all of South East Asia. It will hit Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and land in China. When it hits China it will explode in revival and the underground church will come up.”

The five angels were holding five scrolls which represented five cities, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. The Lord called it His “Boomerang” These five cities create a “Hook” around the bottom of Australia that form a boomerang. These five revival cities would break out and cause Australia to explode in revival which will cause a ripple effect in Asia.

John Alexander Dowie

Upon finishing the meetings in Melbourne, I boarded a flight for Adelaide for another set of meetings there. Before landing in Adelaide I was looking out the window of the plane at the houses below and sitting on the wing of the plane were two angles. One was swinging his feet as he sat on the wing of the plane and the other was looking at his wrist watch. As I was looking at the angels the Lord said, “Jeff, I’m going fulfilling the Man-date (Mandate) of my servant John Alexander Dowie.”

Little did I know that John Alexander Dowie grew up in Adelaide, Australia. He planted his first church there before moving to Sydney where he started studying Mathew 8:8, “Power of the Spoken Word.” Dowie then moved to Melbourne, Australia in the early 1880’s. He planted a church there and started laying his hands on the sick proclaiming them healed by the power of the spoken word. Incredible miracles of healing were manifesting in the late 1880’s – pre Azusa Street and Welsh revivals.

In 1888 Dowie left Australia to move to America and landed in the Bay of San Francisco June 7th where he conducted his first healing crusade on American soil in the Sacramento area. John Alexander Dowie is considered by most to be the Grandfather of the current healing model in the world. The Lord had shown me that Australia was a “first-fruits healing nation” because of John Alexander Dowie and that revival in Australia was on God’s calendar for Australia.

Zion Illinois a city of Healing

At the turn of the century in 1900, John Dowie established Zion, Illinois and created a city dedicated solely for the purpose of healing. People came from around the nation and abroad to be healed by Dowie and his healing technicians. Great ministries came through Zion like John G. Lake who received this anointing and took it South Africa. He planted 500 churches in five years through raw power of the Holy Ghost. After John G. Lake left Africa, he started the healing rooms in Spokane, Washington. In 1915 Spokane became the healthiest city in America as recognized by the President of the United States. 1915 to 2015 is 100 years ago this year.

Both Dowie and Lake were after something! They went after heaven in such a way that it would not only bring heaven into their meetings, but that it would bring a revival reformation that would ultimately bring transformation to an entire city, region and nation.

William Branham and Bob Jones

Several weeks ago I was at Glory City Church in Brisbane, Australia with Katherine Ruonala and friends Jerame and Miranda Nelson. After preaching the morning session, I began proclaiming that revival rains were coming from heaven and pouring into Australia. It began to pour out of a clear blue sky in a downpour for fifteen minutes as a sign in the natural that Australia is in the beginning of a new revival. Early in the morning I had an encounter where I was taken into heaven and was standing on a stage with William Branham who was the leading prophet and healing evangelist of the 40’s and 50’s revival. He was dressed in his white suite in an auditorium filled with thousands of people. Branham then approached me and placed one hand on my heart and another hand on my shoulder and proclaimed me healed in Jesus name. I felt power from heaven in my body as he prayed for me. Then he proceeded to impart to me in the vision. Upon finishing his prayer for me it’s as though someone had changed the channel and standing before me was Bob Jones. Bob was talking to me as though I had picked up a conversation in mid-sentence. Bob was speaking very fast telling me what I needed to do. “Jeff you need to make sure that you take care of this, and this and this, and oh yeah don’t forget to do this” … and then added, “And don’t mess it up, because you’re connected to my testimony!”

When I woke out of the encounter it was 5:55 am on March 15, 2015. The Lord reminded me that 60 years ago in March 1955 William Branham declared the “Voice of Healing in America” in Grants Pass Oregon. I had this encounter March 2015, 60 years to the month in Brisbane Australia. I heard the Lord say, “Just as William Branham declared the Voice of Healing in America, so now I Am declaring the Voice of Healing in Australia today!”

Get Ready America and Australia

I believe we are in a brand new season of revival in America and Australia that will affect the nations of the earth. I believe that there will be cities of healing revival in our nations that will once again, like Lake and Dowie, have such power of impact that all will recognize it. Instead of going to the hospitals when people are sick, they will come to the cities of healing revival because they are thorough and they heal for free!

One hundred years ago, the President called Spokane, Washington the healthiest city in America because of John G. Lake and his healing technicians. I believe we will see a double portion of this played out in cities in this nation and around the world as we are in a season of the Double Portion!

Sixty years ago William Branham declared “The Voice of Healing in America.” I believe it’s time for another Isaiah 60 Arise and Shine Revival for our Light has come. It’s time for the church to do something. We are not waiting on God, He is waiting on us! We must MOVE! It’s time for us to RISE & SHINE, get up and move, step up into it, for our Light has come. When we do, the Glory of the Lord will be seen upon us. It says, “Nations will come, Kings will come to the brightness of YOUR RISING”

Come on America, Australia and nations of the earth. It’s time to step up into the Glory of God in this new season … It’s time to Rise and Shine!

Rich Blessings,
Jeff Jansen
Senior Leader
Global Fire Church & Global Connect
Global Fire Ministries International