Rebecca Damianopoulos

I was washing the dishes and when I looked out the window there was an addition to the usual angels I see in my backyard.

There was an angel that was holding on to a the reigns of a beast. There were other horses and beasts and while they were there they seemed determined, focused and vigilant but in a good way. There was no fear and I sensed that they were from God. I began to ask God what was happening and I felt the Holy Spirit say they are the ‘DESTINY FIGHTERS.’ ‘They are the ones I have in the spirit fighting on your behalf for your destines to be realized.’ God is zealous for his people not just to know His love but to know and do everything that he has called and designed them to do. ‘The earth is groaning for the sons and daughters to be revealed’ (Rom 8:19) He is fighting for people to step into what He has for them. He has Heaven on assignment. No matter how unqualified you feel or how lost or broken you feel, He is fighting on your behalf and ‘it’s for freedom that Christ has set you free.’ (Gal5:1) Get ready for a flow of breakthrough. Get ready for a opening up of favour and influence over your destiny. HE NEEDS YOU! God needs the ‘you’ that He designed before the foundation of the world, to be a light in this world for Him and it’s only something you can do. He is after those that don’t know him or are discouraged and He needs you to point them to Him.

I also felt that there is an anointing being released like MOSES for FREEDOM. I feel like God is raising up Freedom fighters. God has heard the cry of his people and He is raising up his children to stand for justice and for freedom. An anointing that with SET PEOPLE FREE. There is going to be an increase of people given assignments to talk and challenge the ungodly authorities in this world for JUSTICE and with the anointing of God fight for freedom. LET THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS ARISE! 

The injustice of abortion, homosexuality (loss of identity) and suicide is going to begin to be shaken. LET THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS ARISE! They will have blue prints from Heaven for the practical and the spiritual strategy . God is saying LET MY PEOPLE GO!