Rebecca Damianopoulos

Tonight I had a vision and I saw the Lord blowing His breath over a garden. As His breath moved over the garden, it blew away dust and ash and reviled little dry seedlings that were growing.
Then I heard the Lord say to me “can these dry dreams live!?” I was immediately reminded of Ezekiel 37 and the valley of dry bones. Ezekiel had the Lord say to Him, can these dry bones live?! Ezekiel’s response was, ‘only you know Lord.’ I feel the Lord say over your dry dreams tonight the response to that question -“I do know!! I know because I put them there and I designed them for you to do. I am the resurrection and the Life.”

Then I felt the Lord say, ‘speak to your dry dreams and release my resurrection power and tell your dry dreams to live! Tell them to grow and they will. Tell them to be fruitful and they will. Tell them to bless others and they will! Tell them to advance the Kingdom of God and they will! ‘
Be encouraged that your dreams are not dead and it’s not too late. God is wanting you to partner with Him and speak life over the seedling of dreams in your life. Dry Dreams Live!