A White Flag
Rebecca Damianopoulos

While driving recently a white flag flapped and flew across the road in front of my car. I wasn’t sure what I was seeing and as I looked again, I saw it for a second time. It flew across the road from the same position and in the same movement as the first time. I asked God what it meant and heard Him say, “The enemy is waving the flag of surrender and it’s time for my people to claim their victory.”
I sensed that breakthrough was about to be won for the people of God in what they’d been believing for, standing for and fighting for. I heard Him say, “Victory is at hand,” and sensed that it is ready to be taken in every area of your life. Don’t be weary but continue to take what is yours. Breakthrough is coming where there has previously been no change.

While praying into this further, I had a vision and saw white cards in people’s back pockets. I sensed that this is a play card in life that the Father has given His people. As children knowing your Father, you can pull out the white card in the battle and make the enemy surrender!
The victory of things believed for is assured! The Promised Land is for the taking. He is calling His children to be “bold and very courageous” (Joshua 1) and to lay ahold of that which is theirs.

I feel that there is an anointing coming in the assurance of identity in God. The people of God are going to come to new levels of knowing who they are in Him; children, anointed, appointed, called, chosen, kings and priests in Jesus. I heard the Father say, “Stand up and take the victory that is rightfully yours as my sons and daughters. For the battle is not yours it’s the Lords.” (1 Sam 17:47)

So don’t be discouraged or disheartened. Take courage and declare, “Victory!” over what you are wanting to see come to pass. Keep believing, keep standing because your victory is at hand. There are big battles about to be won!

Rebecca Damianopoulos