On resurrection Sunday, in worship I had a vision. I was on the edge of heaven looking down at what was about to be the moment Jesus died on the cross for all. I could feel weight and the anticipation in heaven. The excitement and the gravity of what they knew was about to take place. As all of heaven was watching I felt the wind start from behind me, coming from the throne and swirling. In the natural my hair started to blow. I could sense the gravity of the moment. Then it happened and an explosion of victory and breakthrough came over me with an incredible anointing. I felt the Holy Spirit say to me -” Atmosphere Changer.” There was a sudden, notable difference in the spirit that the game had forever changed and the stakes had been altered. The atmosphere shifted. It was a fresh realization of the privilege we now have as God’s children on this side of the cross. We live in the world where the odds are in our favour and the game has been changed. The atmosphere has shifted.

I felt the challenge to take hold of the victory and breakthrough that Resurrection Sunday represents! “That He who had no sin became sin for us.” (2 Cor 5:21.) “He took the keys of hell and defeated death!” (Rev 1:18)

He rose again!

That is the God we serve and get to call Father. That is the power we get to take as ours.

“The same power that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you.” (Rom 8:11)

Take it again, knowing that you stand with destiny in front of you with the game changed on your behalf. The atmosphere leaning in your favour. Take hold of it, whatever the circumstance and grab the breakthrough that is yours today.

It’s like playing the second half of the game with the star player, the Holy Spirit called in and a guarenteed win! All you have to do is join with Him in the field. Enjoy, remember and step into the atmosphere change.

Rebecca Damianopoulos