Rebecca Damianopolous

As I lay my head on the pillow to go to sleep I saw in the spirit Angelic beings and Angels being sent to Australia and Brisbane. These Angels were enormous and stood over Brisbane city and around its edges. I knew they were being sent as Guardians. I saw angelic Guardians being sent into specific places to establish gates in the spirit and a safe zone for the presence of God to move in Brisbane. He is expanding His territory. I had a great sense there will be a rise of angelic encounters. I felt God is preparing the city to host His presence.

There is great expansions, favour and growth coming to the churches in Brisbane. Get ready to also welcome new churches and organizations because God is needing as many as He can in this city to look after the amount of people that are going to meet Jesus. For he is preparing people’s hearts. There are shifts taking place in people’s lives to prepare them to meet Jesus and know Him more. There is a great movement of the Fathers heart coming. A movement of His love for people to know how the Father sees them and find their identity in Him. Good is breaking open the lies over the church. He is breaking open the atmosphere so that truth is shown and the church can see the strategies He has to foster the move of God.

I felt the Spirit say- ‘My bride , my church. I’m coming. I’m coming for you. I’m coming to see your hearts turn to me in a new way.

You will begin to see lots of shifts take place. There is a shift of influence coming. New leaders are arising and and shifts of leadership taking places in every area and pillar of society. In government, political, social, media, education. There will be quick shifts of change. Theses changes are signs that I am on the move to make a shift to see people focus on Me.’

There is change coming and the prophets are noticing and seeing what is happening. God is calling forth the prophets to notice and there is a prophetic anointing coming for those who will hear and see what God is doing. An anointing for intercession. There is an anointing for decrees. He is calling leaders and pastors to prepare people for God to come and change their hearts. So that God would be made known in us and through is.

God is smiling over Brisbane and Australia. He is smiling with great anticipation. Like a parent watching their child begin to learn to walk. God is smiling with anticipation over what is about to come forth out of Brisbane and Australia. He has Joy and enthusiasm over every single one of His children because He knows the greatness to come out of His people.

I see balloons rising as like a party celebrating the ease, grace and favour that is over Brisbane and His people.

Rebecca Damianopoulos