Renee Reisinger

Holy Spirit has been speaking to me with great clarity over the past few weeks about the CROSSING OVER that is happening right now!

I saw a line drawn down the middle of the Church, like a finish line, and heard Him say, “CROSSING OVER”. He then showed me a tortoise and I thought rather carelessly, “It would take a long time for that to cross over”. But then He said to me, “What if it had flippers?” and flippers, much like motorised propellers that miraculously worked on land, appeared on its back legs propelling it toward the line much faster! I then looked out my window and a mighty gush of wind blew past scattering everything down the street with great gusto and He said, “I AM BLASTING YOU INTO A NEW SEASON!”

Many in the Body of Christ have been experiencing a “tortoise and the hare” scenario wondering when they are ever going to make it to the end. Much like the Israelites when they were crossing the Red Sea, even though right in the middle of God’s plan, after an extended period it’s easy to see only dry ground and no end in sight, not realising that veering to the left or the right would reveal the miraculous provision of the Lord to have the sea held back in safety of His people. The Lord wants to encourage us that no matter how slow, how dry, how drudging this season has been, you are CROSSING OVER into a NEW SEASON. He is right now, propelling the Body of Christ to reach the other side much faster than has been anticipated! He has seen the pain, anguish and difficulty of this season and is ACCELERATING YOU and POSITIONING YOU. The Lord is releasing miraculous provision to see you accomplish all that He has purposed for you! Many have felt an attack against calling and purpose and have been left questioning their destiny. His encouragement is for you, “KEEP GOING, DON’T GIVE UP, ONE LAST PUSH AND YOU ARE THERE!” You are CROSSING OVER and will not remain where you are now!

“So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” Isaiah 55:11

You are like the words of His mouth and the purpose for which he has called you will not return void! Even in areas where it doesn’t make sense, where it doesn’t feel like you could possibly have the victory, you couldn’t possibly come back from this – He has made it so and you will SUCCEED. The way in which He is working is UNUSUAL and with MIRACULOUS PROVISION. There is an underserved, unmerited favour being released to bring UNEXPECTED ACCELERATION. Expect to see in the final push things that are UNUSUAL, UNEXPECTED and OFF THE RADAR as you cross over into a new season! He is coming to your aid with things that were previously beyond your reach!