When the Last Become First
Renée Reisinger

Just as it’s the quiet ones in the room you need to watch, so it is amongst the nations. There is a grace in this season for the “quiet ones” to arise. I believe that the Lord is blessing internal victories to be a platform for wider reform. Specifically, reformation in Australia is going to be a catalyst to the restoration of holiness and righteousness in the nations. Where other nations have succumbed to public pressure, Australia is going to lead the way in seeing virtue flow in government. I have been hearing a song over our country:

“We are a holy nation, a pure and blameless sight”

Laws that have passed in other nations will not pass here. Australia is about to lead the world by turning from popular opinion and seeing laws reflect righteousness. I see where Australia was a follower, she will now be a leader. The world wasn’t expecting Australia to make a powerful decision against popular opinion and I feel that it will cause other nations to wake up, take notice and start to revive. It will stop the current domino effect against righteousness and propel nations to reconsider what they are called to, bringing a release from peer pressure. Her national decisions are producing international reward. I feel the Lord encouraging the States and Territories, “take charge, hold tight, it won’t be long until the nation is won”. Each State and Territory victory will hedge closer not just for Australia, but for the nations.

Just as there has been an awakening in the Church to see different gifts with permission to operate, there will also be an awakening in the nations to be true to who they are and not change to fit the mould. I see nations being empowered to be who they are called to be in dominion of their people. Similarly to the encouragement in pop culture of the concept of individuality, I believe what the Lord is doing in Australia (with South Africa a key player as well) will release a freedom to the nations to embrace confidence in calling; the result will be a greater grace into holiness and righteousness. Where nations have influenced Australia, Australia will now influence nations.

South Africa is also rising in this season with her international voice. As hope is being restored in South Africa, hope is being restored to the world. Let the victories of the “quiet ones” be actioned across the nations!

“So the last will be first, and the first will be last”. Matt 20:16


Renee attends Glory City Church West and is part of the “young guns” prophetic group run by Sarah Cheesman. She has a heart for the broken and runs an outreach program to teach people how to love like Jesus and be activated in the gifts of the Spirit. She is passionate about seeing people awakened to the truth of who they are in Christ, whether within the Body or outside of church walls and regularly sees people healed and encounter God’s love.

Renee currently resides in Ipswich, Queensland with her husband and 3 young children.