As of sunset, it is Rosh Chodesh-ראש חודש (the New Month). This is what God is saying for the month of Elul-אלול. This is a time of mercy giving, a time of forgiving those who have wronged you! As this is the time to overcome the distractions, the misleadings of the enemy.

Elohim-אלהים declares that, just as He has forgiven you, you must forgive also. He says, “it is the time to remove your logs, to then remove other’s specks!”
Don’t allow the offense to carry you away from His shalom-שלום, as even dread (ayom-עיום) reveals His peace (shalom-שלום).

Seek His face to declare mercy over others this month, and prophesy scripture over each other. This is a time for coorperate blessings to be released! Don’t become distracted and be lead away from fellowshipping, as we stand together, He stands among us!

Let go of yesterday’s sorrows, as I see Yeshua-ישוע revealing His daily joys and mercies to us. Take the time to thank Him for each other, your brother’s and sister’s in the faith. As you declare life over one another, the enemy loses grip within your lives, as thanksgiving defeats fear – as thanksgiving stems from the root of love.

Let love guide you to the heart of HaKodesh-הקודש; May “the joy of our God is our strength!” be our delcaration within this month! So the coming of Rosh Hashana-ראש השנה may be set apart by our refreshed hearts.