Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are
Sarah Cheesman

In prayer I heard the Spirit call, “Come out, come out, wherever you are! Come down from your ivory tower; Deborah, arise.”

Ivory Tower
Culturally one who sits in an “ivory tower” makes conclusions or theories about problems without having an experience or real insight to them. In essence they make a judgement about a situation, people group or individual.

Deborah Arise
When I first heard this it seemed contradictory to me in it’s context with an ivory tower as Deborah was appointed a judge of Israel. However God didn’t call her in that season to sit and judge but to arise and go into battle (Judges 4:9).

The Spirit revealed to me that with the recent rumblings in our political system, that the church as a whole, has taken a position of judgement. I sense that in love we are to humble ourselves and take position in prayer and release mercy to our government, policy makers and educational institutions. To do as Deborah did and battle from a place of victory and grace not judgement and condemnation.

“Deborah arise! I am calling my church in this hour not to sit in the ivory towers of judgement but to delight in releasing mercy and to take up the cause of righteousness and justice; the foundations of my throne. I do not rule with an iron fist but by love beckon sons and daughters home.

As you release my goodness and righteousness expect a divine turn around. Do not see yourselves on the back foot of an upward battle but as victors on the mountain top claiming the ground Christ has already won for you.

It’s never too late and it’s not too late for my government to be established in this nation. As my body, come out together as one and see the blessing of God released to this nation. The crooked ways will be made straight as love and mercy flows.”

“Let mercy flow down like a river and justice like a never ending stream.” Amos 5:24