Start Saying Yes
Sarah Cheesman

I saw these words on an advertisement today and heard Holy Spirit say, “I am brining opportunity to my people to move into greater signs, wonders and miracles. Simply start saying yes to the opportunities, divine appointments and invitations I give to you to move in the supernatural.”

I also felt his encouragement to say yes to his love today! Out of that place of receiving his love and kindness you won’t be able to stop yourself saying yes to the supernatural and partnering with what he wants to do through you for the people around you.

I sense this is happening in the natural as well. As you begin to say yes to the opportunities being brought you, whether it be at work, at home or in the church, it will open up doors that will propel you further and further into your destiny.

Finally, I heard him say, “I am cancelling the no.” If you feel like there was a time that you said no or resisted what God was calling you into and it has caused regret, He is breaking that “No” today and replacing it with promise. There is an opportunity to start saying “Yes!” to the call of God over you! It’s not too late, in fact, it’s just the beginning! Start saying, “YES!”

2 Corinthians 1:19-20 (TPT)
Jesus Christ is the son of God… and he has never been both a “yes” and a “no.” He has always been and always will be for us a resounding “yes!” For all of God’s promises find their “yes” of fulfilment in him. And as his “yes” and our “amen” ascend to God, we bring him glory!