For King and Country
Sarah Cheesman

I saw a company of prophets emerging in this nation and they stepped out of hiddenness as a pride of lions.

I heard the Father say, “You will lead the way for the nations and there is to be no more false humility, fear of man, shrinking back or looking to other nations to clear the way for I have called you, my Aussie prophets, to lead in this season.”

Many prophets will spring forth from this nation for there is a new breed that is emerging and their corporate and prophetic roar is disabling the enemy. He will use them to turn the tide of morality in this nation and as they speak a thing it will be established. They will emerge in every sector of society and will champion one another and work together to bring hope, healing and restoration to the nation. Through prayer, they will usher this move of God into maturity and establish the great reformation that is to come.

And the land will be blessed because of them and the earth will yield much fruit and harvest because of the life giving words and love they are releasing over the nation. I see that wherever they walk, life is oozing out of their feet and soaking and healing the land!

He will use them to propel the nation into her destiny. And the reverberations of this will be felt in the surrounding nations and islands of the sea. I see a ripple effect moving out from the entire coastline in all directions.

He is using this pride of prophets as pioneers to establish destiny in the land and the nations. Australia will be a sign and wonder in the earth and he’s using you, Australian prophets, to bring forth the fulfilment of those things promised. He is giving you authority to win in the spirit and you will see the fruit of your prayers on the front page of newspapers, in weather patterns and in the eyes of those encountering Love for the first time. These are signs that the shift has taken place and you will take the nation from victory to victory and glory to glory.

Negativity and negative words spoken over her will be a thing of the past. He’s changing your sight and instead of looking at her through the world’s eyes and who she had been identified as, you will see who he has made and called her to be. What a privilege!

So it’s time to recognise who you are, rise in authority and take ahold of the land you love and champion and cheer her on into her destiny. Now is your time. Come out of hiding, roar over your inheritance and celebrate the victory that he has already given.