Righteousness and Justice Will Prevail!

Sarah Cheesman


Righteousness and Justice Will Prevail!

This week I saw images of the limestone stacks known as the 12 Apostles in Victoria.

12 is the number of Government. I heard the Father say, “I am raising up my apostles and prophets to usher in and establish the government of God in this season.”

“Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end.” Isaiah 9:7

I felt His encouragement that we are to take our authority and govern in righteousness and justice regarding same sex marriage.

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne. Ps. 89:14

He revealed to me that you cannot have justice in the earth without righteousness first. It becomes the plumb line to which we measure true and biblical justice. Without righteousness, justice is based on popular opinion and that is sinking sand.

The outworking of righteousness and justice paints the formation of the cross.

While some would claim that Same Sex Marriage is justice for the homosexual community, righteousness tells us otherwise.

This week in worship, he released a spirit of faith to truly believe that anything can happen! Biblical marriage can be preserved in this nation and I believe this is His will.

The spirit of Homosexuality seeks to confuse minds and in doing so robs people of their identity and destiny. Righteousness releases identity. Just like Jael, (Judges 4:21) he wants to drive a stake into the mind of the enemy and break down every thought that exalts itself over the knowledge of Christ.

Deborah arise! It’s time to mount up in prayer. It’s never too late. God is raising up a remnant in prayer and calling every person to stand in the gap to usher in the destiny of this nation!

– Sarah Cheesman