Sarah Cheesman

Today I was trying to find a space to park at the shopping centre. After going around the car park a couple of times, I saw a car leaving. I waited patiently and then did my very best to squeeze into a very tight space. After multiple attempts before realising I wouldn’t be able to open the door, let alone get the baby out, I gave up and decided to just go up to the next level of parking which was the rooftop level.

Going up was like a whole new world! It was light with no ceiling, spacious and there were parks everywhere! I even got one of the closest ones to the entry immediately.

I noticed the stark contrast of the two different levels so asked the Holy Spirit if He wanted to speak to me through this. Immediately I sensed that sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we’re competing, trying to get limited spaces. We wait, go around and around and wait some more only to find that the spot we thought was for us isn’t really the right fit and the baby (destiny) can’t be released. It’s dark, with low ceilings and marginal room for error which puts us under pressure and as a result, we can go the wrong way and even become frustrated with others.

I also sensed that He wants to bring his body into the next level of maturity where we live in a spacious place, acknowledging and celebrating that there’s room for everyone! There’s no competition, plenty of space for you and for the baby!! You don’t need to jostle with others, become frustrated or even lose your cool because there is a space for you that you are the perfect fit for.

I heard the Father say, “Don’t park in places I haven’t called you to. Be careful not to drive from a place of competition but recognise there is a higher place I have called you to. Every joint supplies and if you take the space of another, you will be frustrated and although you’ve arrived at your destination, there won’t be room for the baby (destiny) I’ve called you into. Not only that, you may even hinder someone else from parking in the right place if you’re already in it. Don’t look with eyes of immaturity that says, “I want their place.” Recognise, value and celebrate what I have called you to and pursue it.

I then heard Ps. 18:19 which says, “He brought me out to a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me.” The Father delights in you and he wants to bring you success. He wants your dreams to come true and your destiny to be fulfilled. Don’t be tempted to jostle in the basement but come up into a higher level where there is a space prepared just for you and destiny can be released!