Good morning wonderful friends,

I felt to share what the Father showed me this morning. Hope it encourages you. Much love!

We’re Following The Lion

I sense that many are going through a season of significant change, shift, transition and “the Unknown.” I felt the encouragement of the Holy Spirit to continue to follow the footsteps of the lion.

“Eyes on the prize!” was His affirmation. He reminded me that in this season, He is the One we are to pursue. It’s natural, in a season of change, to be looking for what is being opened to us but I sense that it is more important and in fact imperative, that first and foremost, our eyes on Him. We are to remain close; following His footsteps and responding to His voice alone.

I heard the Father say, “When you put your attention on me instead of focusing your energy on trying to make things come together for yourself, you gain something even better than the promise. You gain me! You gain abundant life!”

“I am a good father and know how to give good gifts to my children. Trust that I have put you on this path and will ensure that you arrive at your destination. I have simply called you to come along for the adventure and to enjoy the journey. You will discover me in greater measures along the way.”

“My plans and purposes coming to pass are a byproduct of knowing me and the outworking of my goodness and love towards you. Let me be Father and enjoy this journey of faith. This is the fun part!”

“You will be astounded, as you choose to set your eyes on me, how quickly I will move and shift things for you. I am able to create something out of nothing and will do so on your behalf.”

“No more striving or trying to make something happen. Only believe. Hold onto my promises; I am the One to bring you success. Keep following my footsteps and obeying my voice and I will do for you what you could never do for yourself. I am a good God; eagerly anticipate my goodness today!