The Overtaking Anointing
Sarah Cheesman

I am releasing an overtaking anointing.
– For my presence to overtake your heart and every part of your world.
– For the harvesters to overtake the sowers.
– For my church to be the lender, not the borrower.

As you draw near to me, I will supersede you and my presence will make a way for you. I will make crooked paths straight. Mountains will be made low and valleys raised up for your destination is without question – destiny is undeniable!

The harvesters will go before the plowman at accelerated speeds as my presence thrusts you forth. I am enabling you to dig up ground previously unturned and it will yield much fruit. Failure will no longer be in your vocabulary and those who have struggled in the past will know ease, grace and joy as this gift of my presence is poured out.

I am depositing in you and making you the lender not the borrower, just a I promised. Indeed, I am resourcing my church to host and cater for the great harvest coming in. Governments and Kings will not only support but benefit from you.

The “handout” mentality is broken in my people and they will be a sign and a wonder in the earth because of my presence. All that is required of you is to receive all of me. Let my presence invade every part of your life; your family, home, workplace and city.

My presence is a force that cannot be reckoned with and as you go low and draw near to me, I will stoop down to make you great. I will teach you how to carry my presence as you were created to and nothing will be impossible for you.