Free Hearts Run Wild
Sarah Cheesman

This morning I heard the Father whisper, “I’m setting hearts free.”

I sensed that some of His people are carrying burdens, worries and concerns so deeply that the weight of them is falling heavily on their hearts. At times this weight is causing distress,anxiety and fear.

I sensed in particular that there are some who are carrying burdens for their adult children. I heard Him say, “Trust them into my care and let your heart run wild and free. You weren’t created for worry or fear. You were created to the ride the river of my spirit and enjoy all this Kingdom life has to offer; every desire of your heart fulfilled!”

“No more,” I heard him say, “I am going to do such a deep work in your heart that relieves all the pressure and lifts those burdens from you. This will cause you to trust me so deeply with every part of your life. Out of that place of trust you will no longer be weighed down by concerns but your heart will be liberated to enjoy me and to enjoy my plans and purposes being outworked in the Earth through you.

“Give all your worries to God because He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

“Let me be your burden bearer, the lifter of your heard and the One who brings your heart into hope and freedom. Let me help you and I will teach you how to trust, rest and hope in me. Let me relieve you of all your troubles and be assured in my steadfast love for you. Let me set your heart free!”

Be free!