You Are the Answer
Sarah Cheesman

Recently I found myself concerned and frustrated at certain ideologies being perpetrated on the public. I asked the Father why he wouldn’t intervene when so quickly he could change people’s minds, hinder the promotion of doctrine and in doing so, protect the innocent.

He immediately responded, “I will never violate their will. That’s not love.”

I said, “Jesus only ever did what he saw you doing and he had compassion on the people because they were like sheep without a shepherd.”

“That’s why I have sent you. As He is so are you in this world and you have been given a commission to be the answer.”

I felt like he was calling us to live beyond ourselves and the day-in-day-out. When you’re not looking at yourself, you can look at Him, be transformed and become the answer the world so desperately needs. What if we had a whole body, mature, moving as one, who represented the Father well and manifested themselves as the answer? As He is, so are we in this world!

There is a call to attention in the spirit. “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” The times are desperate. The world needs Christ in you. There are orphans to be rescued, cities to be won and a generation to move into the greatest harvest the world has ever seen.

I saw Him releasing us as foot soldiers in the earth. As we rise up as a remnant in prayer, He is going to release divine strategies and answers to be carried out in the earth. You will become the answer to your prayers and we will see the Body of Christ mobilised in this nation en masse; for King and country!