Life To Your Sight

The activity and pace of the Spirit is quickening and indeed the pulse is increasing rapidly. While writing this, my heart is racing with anticipation of what he is releasing in the earth. He is awakening our spiritual senses to experience him three dimensionally and inviting us in to experience the real world in a greater measure.

Last night I saw a picture of a thick, stonewall in a garden covered in vines and it had trees growing against it. Suddenly part of the wall sunk into itself revealing a doorway that I hadn’t seen in the wall before. I heard the Father say, “You are going to see differently from now on. Where you would have seen a wall and a dead end, I am revealing the doorway.”

I sense there are many who have been asking and crying out to see. The answer is “Yes.” It is his good pleasure to give you your heart’s desire in this.
Yesterday, a butterfly manifested itself in front of me on two occasions before vanishing. The Father said to me, “I’m bringing life to your sight.”
He is bringing life to yours also and inviting you to step into the pulse of the spirit.

Sarah Cheesman