“It’s The End of Clubhouse Christianity.”

Sarah Cheesman


In worship I heard the Father proclaim these words. I asked Him what He meant. He said, “To be part of a club you have to pay your own way in. The Kingdom of Heaven is a family you’re born and adopted into for free.”

God is releasing freedom to those who have felt the need to perform, work or pay their way into the Kingdom. Jesus Christ paid the price for you! You don’t need to work to make your own way to the Father. Jesus Christ is the way to the Father and you are so welcome into the household of faith. It’s an open house, it’s an open house. All are welcome. You’re a family member for life and all eternity! You don’t need to renew your membership because you’re in! Completely in, grafted in forever!

In a club, your value is determined by what you can do or add to an organisation. In the family of God, the household of faith, your value is determined by who you are; a son of daughter of God!

Ephesians 2:19-20 TPT “So, you are not foreigners or guests, but rather you are the children of the city of the holy ones, with all the rights as family members of the household of God.”