It’s In The Way You Walk

Sarah Cheesman January 2015

A signature trait of a ballerina is the way in which they walk. Head held high, back superbly straight and most notably, feet turned out.

I recently read that in New York City, home of America’s most elite performing arts and dance schools, that a trained eye can tell which dance academy or company a ballerina belongs to simply by the way he or she walks.

That walk is reflective of a practice and discipline that has so consumed their world that it has literally changed the way they move.

I heard the Father say, “I am molding and shaping the way you move. The day in, day out practice of my presence, diligence in the study of my word and faithfulness in prayer is noticeably changing the position of your feet and the way you move.”

I felt him encouraging his body, his dance company, that the world is going to know you belong to him by the way you walk! The years of practicing the same movements and routines in secret, is setting you up for the greatest destiny moment of your life and opening night is just around the corner!

I feel him encouraging you today, “Continue in consistency. As a dancer’s practice becomes their reality and the discipline of that practice perfects their performance, so am I perfecting you in my love.”

I sense there are some who feel they are understudies waiting in the wings, hoping they’ll have ‘their moment’ but I hear the Father encouraging you from His word:
“Can you not discern this new day of destiny breaking forth around you? The early signs of my purposes and plans are bursting forth. The budding vines of new life are now blooming everywhere” Song of Songs 2:15 The Passion Translation

He is calling you to take centre stage. This walk has now become who you are so there’s no pressure to put on a show but you are simply free to be yourself and move just the way he has taught you to! Do not shrink back because your ‘suddenly moment’ of destiny draws near.

Enjoy the dance!
Sarah Cheesman