It’s Time to Enlist
Sarah Cheesman

I saw soldiers feet, boots on, marching in unison together. I knew it was enlisting time and saw many, many feet being added to the army of warriors advancing ahead.

These were fearless ones. Those who had given themselves wholeheartedly with no reservation or temptation to go back. The cry of their hearts was, “Because He is with me, I will not be afraid What can people do to me?” (Ps. 118:6).

I sense that we’re moving into a season we’re the bride of Christ is coming out in and enlisting in full force. Totally, undeniably committed to the cause of Christ. The enemy has overplayed his hand and in doing so, has caused the lovers of God to rise up in unprecedented numbers.

I heard voices speaking and the volume was increasing. Whispers are becoming shouts and the voice of truth and justice is growing louder in this nation.

I heard Him say, “Don’t look to a political party to deliver you, look to me. And as you do your Governments and political parties will be signs that reveal I am moving in the earth without reservation; boots and all.”