Behold, I Make All Things New

I saw a picture of people in a field gathering grain; gathering a harvest. I heard the Father say, “I am bringing you into a Field of Dreams where you will gather the things you have lost hope for, the people you have been believing for and the nations you have stood for. I am giving them to you.

What looked like loss, I am turning for your gain.

What looked like weakness, I am replacing with strength.

Where there was death, I am releasing resurrection and establishing full returns in every area of your life.

I am releasing a great gathering in the Earth. Where there has been loss and theft, there will be a great influx and infilling in the natural replacing all that was stolen.

Do not look to the right or to the left but keep your gaze fixed on me and I will release great recompense to you just as I have promised.” Isi. 61:7

I also saw a returns receipt stamped by the blood of Jesus. The stamp read PAID IN FULL. All shall be returned and made new!

Sarah Cheesman