Squeaky Clean by Sarah Cheesman

Last night I saw these words flash in front of me:


The father began to speak to me about living clean in every area of my life; thoughts, words, motives, actions and attitudes. He highlighted the importance of clean living in what I see, read and listen to and encouraged me not to waste time of things that aren’t necessary, productive or life giving. As a health and fitness enthusiast he also encouraged me to keep eating well and exercising.

I was then reminded of the scripture, “To whom much has been given, much is required. And to whom much was committed, much more will be asked of him.” Luke 12:48

I suddenly felt the weight of the days we’re living in and this great awakening. Not in a burdensome way but a recognition of who (Jesus) and what (the Kingdom) we represent and that by living clean, we can display him well to the world!

I have found myself praying lately, “Father, cause us to be a people who understand the days we’ve been entrusted with.” We are living in unprecedented times and have a divine invitation to be awakened to what he is doing in the earth and jump right in. There’s a higher place he’s calling his people to in this season so we can present the clean, unadulterated power of the gospel to the world! He’s calling us to be clean filters!

This past week I keep seeing three of the same numbers in succession when looking at the time. For example: 2:22pm. Before exclamation marks, words would be repeated 3 times to indicate importance and highlight what was being communicated. When showing the repeated numbers I heard God say that he is highlighting the times we’re living in and bringing them to our attention. It is crucial that we do not miss what he is doing and are fully aware and awakened to what he is establishing in the earth.