The Season of Seasoning
Shane McGowan

This is what I was sensing while up at Mount Coot-tha recently as I was praying over Brisbane with my fellow Glory School of Supernatural Transformation (GSST) students.

As I looked to the left from the Mount Coot-tha lookout towards the Brisbane airport I saw the foot of Jesus descending from heaven through the clouds; on approach and coming in for landing. His foot was massive! The runway and the entire ground of the city were already starting to shake with the weight of what was coming, even though his foot had not yet “touched down”. I saw the hem of his robe draping behind His foot. That robe is white, thick and heavy. It’s the weighty-robe of His Glory that will be draped across this city. I felt like no one will be able to withstand the true weight of this robe once He “touches down” and walks from the airport to the city and beyond! Everyone who comes under it will fall down.

I then found myself thinking about the recent G20 summit in Brisbane and how the city was prepared to host leaders and their delegates before they arrived. I was actually living in the city at this time and I saw each day the streets being swept clean and pressure washed. New pavements, gardens, fountain restorations, fit outs etcetera being undertaken. The old making way for the new. The not so clean things being cleaned.

I felt He was talking to me about the shaking that He is doing in our lives right now, represented by His foot descending and the ground already starting to shake under the revelation of the coming weight of His Glory. It’s two fold in purpose:

The first purpose of shaking us is to do with purity. I saw how brown the Brisbane river is and understood that what is in the streets of our lives ultimately flows into the river which is His body in Brisbane. He is indeed giving us the opportunity and the grace to purify our lives right now.

Then I saw that He wants us to host Him in this city and that we were like His secret service agents. We had the power to shut down the city as we had been given the honour and authority by Him to escort the motorcade of His Glory. But to become secret service agents we had to pay a price, and it wasn’t small or necessarily easy. The price for that honour is to do secret service with Him and purify our lives.

The second purpose of shaking us is to do with trust. If we are to be entrusted with His glory then we must be in trust. For Him to en-trust we must in-trust. A lot of people are finding that their lives have been shaken so much that their ability to trust is being stretched beyond anything they have ever known. Situations are more than just uncomfortable for many right now. However, we must know the One Who Is Comfort-Able, able to comfort us. Despite not having outward peace in our circumstances, we must seek and know the peace that comes from knowing the One Who Is Peace, not by trying to seek to know how things will work out. Turn around your circum-stance by making your stance (be deliberate) and be circum (around and about) the One Who Is Peace and trust Him!

I feel He is saying that G20 represents G for His Glory and biblically 20 can be interpreted as entering into service (1 Chron. 23:24). His question therefore to us is will we enter into the kind of service that is required to have the honour of escorting His Glory? I then heard Him say sternly, “I’m coming – ready or not.”

There’s a duality in regards to the definition of the word stern. It means a person who is serious and unrelenting, especially in the assertion of their authority and the exercise of discipline. It also means to put someone under extreme pressure.

If like me, you are also being shaken then be encouraged! We are being salt (purity and trust) shaken in this season of seasoning.