Safe in the eye of the storm
Sheena Ryan

During the recent cyclone, I was staying in a large building on the ninth floor, in a room which faced an internal courtyard, and which saw no sky, and I was totally secure, totally cocooned from the storm. Safe, with no worries at all about wind or flood.

God showed me that is what he means when he says to shelter under his wings, it is more than the picture of birds under their parents wings,it is a picture of total assurance of safety in spite of what rages around us.

In the eye, we are surrounded by the storm but safe.

The storm could shift at any time, but if we stay in the eye, we are safe.

We are the very Apple of his eye, recognise your place as the one on whom God’s eyes are focused, look into his eyes and see yourself reflected there. Looking into his eyes will remove your gaze from the storms and distractions.

When the tempest rages around you, peace is in his gaze, safety is in his eye, his gaze is upon us, draw near, separate yourself from the trials and challenges, the fears, the torments, the tears.

He has your tears In his bottle, he has your pain in his heart and lives to make intercession for you before the throne.

Staying in the centre of his will and his presence, keeping your eyes upon him, will cocoon you from any storm.

Come away my beloved says your God, into that place of peace and security which I have prepared for you, it is found only in me, it is imprinted in your heart, it has a secret code, unique to you. As you press into the peace which I have given you, for your own personal needs, you will find the keys to your destiny. You have looked in many places for the keys to destiny, but they are in this place of being cocooned in my presence.

Stay beloved, don’t rush away, stay with me, in that place of my heart.