God said to me, Pray for the guardians of Paris and all the nations.

Those whose role is the police, defence forces, emergency services. Pray for them even as you pray for the victims.

The forces of evil are aligned against righteousness even when their targets are apparently random or aligned against the simple people who carry no authority.
Recognise the battle is in the heavenlies, principalities and powers stand before the Angels of the Lord at this moment.

God has assigned his warrior angels even now, your prayers will increase the cover which the angelic forces bring.

Strategic prayer will target regions and people groups, releasing an umbrella of prayer over them in advance of planned attacks.

Pray for the intercessors who devote their time to intervene through prayer.cover their backs with shields of faith and solidarity

Pray for the supreme purposes of God to be released at this time, activate those purposes through prayer. Contend for this, with all the authority which you have been given.

There is a release of a tsunami of souls, even as they run in fear from terrorists, they will run into the arms of their God. Even as they watch on media, the scenes of terror, they will run into the arms of their God.

Contend for these people, for shepherds to nurture them, yes the chief shepherd himself, Jesus Christ, would place his arms around them.

Seeds of the gospel, long dormant in people’s lives, will now germinate and spring into rapid growth, new Christians will grow rapidly to maturity. As the army of God rises, to a place of spiritual dominance in these days, so shall the praises sound out.

Let Judah arise, let the worshippers sing, let the shouts of praise sound out, let the demons tremble!