Cleanse your palate

Between courses, diners may rinse their mouths with water to take away the taste of the previous food, so that the taste of the new food will not be defiled by the old. The previous food may have been excellent, but mixing the tastes of old and new, will take away from both.

God is speaking to us to allow His Spirit to cleanse our spiritual palate from past unpleasant experiences and also pleasant ones so that we can receive the fullness of what he will bring to us next.

Your sense of spiritual taste has been defiled by the tastes of the world and your own pain.

You have lost your ability to sense his presence or to enjoy it when you do sense it, so cry out to him to restore the joy of your salvation by cleansing. Your palate will be cleansed and the voice of God will be clear to you again.

God says to taste (again) and see that He is good, and after the cleansing must come a new commitment to seek Him. God is training us to stop depending upon the old experiences of blessing and to stop being defiled and tainted by old experiences of pain, rejection and failure.

For the new wine and the new revelation, and the new intimacy will be about relationship more than supernatural experiences and blessings. In our desires for signs and wonders we have reversed the order which God requires and focused on the supernatural experiences more than on Him.

God gave the children of Israel the blessings they craved but sent leanness to their souls, (Psalm 106:14&15).

Turn your eyes again to Jesus, and to Him only.He may want you to be hidden under the shadow of His wings, in the desert or in a place of testing. He does this for your refining so that you may draw even closer to him, without distraction or defilement.

God has much treasure to down load to us, sometimes we push for the downloads without having restored and renewed our intimacy with Heavenly Father, With the Lord Jesus Christ and with the person of the Holy Spirit.

You will only retain what you processed in a soft and humble spirit, which has been submitted to God and knitted closely to Him.

A hard soul will cause the water of the Spirit to run off, causing us to keep pursuing spiritual experiences at the cost of intimacy.

God longs and craves for our single minded attention.

Turn again to your first love and let it be increased and enhanced as you look into His face.
Sheena Ryan