The Threefold Provision Of God
Sheena Ryan

In the beginning God created what was needed to fulfill his purposes

He spoke,
He took the dust in his hands and formed man, he breathed the life of his spirit into man.

He is speaking to your need, forming the dust of your life and breathing his miraculous power over you. Speak what He says, let His hands form you, allow His Spirit to breath upon you.

It is a beginning of the new, most fruitful season for many and although it Looks like you do not have what you need, your provision is right there in the spirit.

Call on Gods’ creative power to multiply what you have,and beget what you don’t.

In the beginning, before each new season, God will do an audit on your life and provision

Let him speak faith to your heart, he will provide for your purpose as he provided for the patriarchs’ purpose.

Hagar looked and saw a well
Perhaps was there all the time and she did not have eyes to see, God opened her eyes, perhaps God created it for that moment, but Gods’ spirit breathed life and gave new vision as he will for you his beloved’

When you have come to the end of yourself God will provide.

You don’t have to get to a destination where that provision is, God will meet you at your place of need.

God promised to make a great nation of Ishmael (genesis 18), he could not and would not let that promise die, at the point of death God saved them, revealed his provision, and sent his angel to speak courage to them.

God says to you; let my threefold provision be released over your life today, I will give you the faith and the strength even in your time of greatest need

Sheena Ryan