The Day Of The Lord Is Upon Us
Sheena Ryan

Can A nation be changed in a day? Yes, a new day is dawning in the kingdom, the night is withdrawing, and all darkness will withdraw before the blinding light of the gospel.

Specific nations are being aligned to lead the breakthrough in this day.

Three nations:

Australia dedicated as the great Southland of the holy spirit by Captain Fernandez de Quiros

The United States of America, dedicated to trusting God and freedom of worship

The United Kingdom, Originally established as a Christian nation.

Righteousness is rising in these nations, and will be strengthened by Divine connections and unity of the three nations.

The process of reconciliation has been opened up. their divine destinies are intertwined,and the older divisions caused by the injustices of convict ships, religious persecution,and slavery need to be forgiven and healed. mutual forgiveness and healing will
Be activated when all people groups,original inhabitants of the lands, and those God sent to occupy, forgive each other.

As the process is completed, true revival will break out like a fire storm in each country simultaneously.

This is why there is so much confusion in the lives of leaders, and a sense of transition without clear direction, and massive discouragement without understanding of the reasons why.

There is and will be a global repositioning, of
Many of these leaders.

Also of those who are yet to appear from the wilderness, the unknown prophetic army who have been hidden in training.

It is a time of great transition, and insecurity and fear have overwhelmed many. It is also a time when God is bringing forth the modern day patriarchs.

It is a Hosea day, with unity of the body of Christ emerging through these three nations.

They will be strategic in breaking down the armies of locusts and releasingthose in the valley of decision.

God is shaking the nations, and the body of Christ and these three nations are aligning themselves for the final battle. It may seem to secular leaders that they are making decisions, but The true God puts down Kings and raises up Kings
There will be an activation and release of the holy spirit empowered and kingdom minded church.

This is the church which sees only Jesus,responds to only Jesus, and obeys only the words of Jesus.

A church in which political and personal ambition has been taken to the cross.

Jesus said to the disciples,pray “your kingdom come your will be done “.

Those who don’t hear the beat of this drum, the drum beat of Gods heart for unity and Kingdom mindedness,will keep marching to the beat of the old drum which has been distorted by carnality, division, personal ambition and selfishness.

The holy spirit empowered, kingdom minded church, hears the drumbeat of the Holy Spirit. It matches when he says go, it stops when he says stop , and it goes only into the battles which he chooses.

It knows when to go forward and went to retreat to a more strategic position.
It is a season for personal kingdoms to come crashing down.
The Spirit of God is starting to bring times of refreshing to the weary soldiers, lightening bolts of strength and vision, and power encounters between the army of darkness and the army of light, in which the army of darkness will flee seven ways.

The Strategic positioning of the Called out company is essential. If God has asked you to stay a t your post until God clearly shows you to leave, then will hold fast to what God has shown you even when you assaulted with deep, demonic discouragement.

These three nations together are symbolic of the godhead,working in their own rolesto a common purpose.

God has cut off everything and everyone that we lean upon so that our eyes may be open to see him more clearly, to hear his voice more acutely, and abound with his purposes more strongly. No longer will he allow us to lean on anyone but him.

God has allowed disappointment with people, using what the enemy sent for destruction, so that our leaning post will only be him.

I see a new generation of spiritual patriarchs rising up from all generations and nations without reference to gender.

We will have unprecedented access to God’s power and revelation.

God is releasing the Yokes that have weighed us down.
The anointing anointing is shattering the yokes forever, those who have been wounded in the house of their friends will be deeply healed

The vials of deep fragrant healing oil are being poured upon His people. They are bringing healing from the inside out.

The anointing oil created to God’s recipe and, mixed and released by the priesthood, which is
Set apart to be sacred to him, is pouring upon us, not counterfeited oil, but the pure Holy Spirit oil without contamination.

These vials are bing put in our hands to pour upon others.
Longstanding and infected wounds are being healed.

The Hosea Day of the Lord with the holy spirit poured upon all flesh,with the spirit
Of Prophecy fully activated, is starting to flow and imparting unprecedented levels of Revelation with unprecedented ability to discern and interpret that revelation and blueprint of God.

The enemies’ blueprints will be uncovered and revelation downloads with discern those strategies, and God’s people will be constantly alerted so that they can halt the plans and strategies of terrorism and destruction.

The guard changing because the season is new God is raising up previously unknown voices to speak and declare his will and purposes, and is removing those have gone to sleep on their watch or failed to speak his purposes. If you are one who has laid down your mantle, God says ARISE and pick it up again, it is not too late.
A fresh understanding of his love will overwhelm us. Jesus was eyes like flames of fire will reveal himself to many, to the weary, to those also have never heard his name.

Many have lied to us and disappointed us, but his faithfullness, and our faith in his faithfulness, is coming back even from the place where it seemed our trust in him had died.

Deep levels of revelation to understand the very nature of God will be manifested, this restoration of the revelation of Gods love, and the revelation of HpGods character will produce, supernatural divine encounters, to believers and in believers.
These will occur more and more, and MANY WILL ARISE from the battlefield, the broken and the weary soldiers who appeared to be totally defeated and dis-empowered will ARISE.

The enemy will run in fear and horror and shock, when he sees the soldiers that he thought he had killed off, rise again in strength to complete their assignment.


Sheena Ryan