Tanya Monteleone

I recently had a vision of many parking meters. I could see lots of them snaking around a road. There were cars parked at them and it was clear that for some time, the owners of the cars had been feeding the parking meters, topping them up and keeping the meter alive. But then time passed, I saw the seasons come and go and over time the owners of those parked cars stopped feeding the meter. I could see that all the meters had ‘expired’. These were the old meters where the clock-like hand showed how much time you had left. The red clock hand was clearly showing on the meter that there was no time left. Now these meters were dusty and full of cobwebs, they had been neglected for quite some time.

I knew that many people had been stuck in this place for a very long time; they had just left their cars there, unattended and no longer feeding the meter. In fact, many had forgotten where they had left their car; it was like a car yard for old and forgotten cars.

BUT GOD… He showed me the CHANGE IN SEASON, there was a different ‘WIND’ in this new season and I saw the wind blow over the meters and the cars, wiping away the dust and the cobwebs and revealing all things to be like new again.

The cars and meters speak of gifts and dreams that the body of Christ have had, which they saw grow for a while but after time, and hope deferred, they stopped believing in those dreams and just got on with their lives, their jobs, their families. Believers had given up and walked away from their dreams and destinies.

But in this NEW SEASON, I saw that Christians were no longer going to be ‘parked’ in the one spot desperately trying to fill up the meter in their own strength. I saw a hand reach out from Heaven and knock over the meters, as the old way of doing things had been a hindrance and were no longer needed. I knew that the body of Christ was coming alive again, DREAMS WERE BEING RENEWED and that many were being FILLED UP and EMPOWERED by the Holy Spirit in a way they had never been before. There was a life force and energy not of their own which would see them now fulfill their dreams and destiny. There was NO MORE STRIVING but ease in what they were doing.

In this season God is SHAKING OFF THE DUST and cobwebs of our dreams; He is renewing our HOPE and reminding us again of our DESTINIES IN HIM!